Porter Port WHAT DO U THINK?

I've had a Porter Port from Albert Porter for almost 3 to 4 years, But the catch is I only started using it again
after 3 years of NON-USE. I had the receptacle to close to the GFI circuits is what was told by my brother in law technician. Why I wasn't in a rush to try to move it and see if it would work elsewhere? Well on the system I was using as posted in the Audiogon the Porter Port id help a little, But no much. ALL That has changed with my new SET System . Once I put the outlet in the living room where it should have been and hooked up to the replaced gear the sound quality took a quantum leap in performance. Like someone took a blanket off the entire system . It was as if a major component change. Everything is so much cleaner and clearer with much much more transparency and a gain in midbass fullness as well. I can go on and on but I'm a bit ossed for words.
Thanks Albert Porter for the wonderful Porter Ports.
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Hi, I have 4 porter ports. I'd say, better transparency...any way a clear step ahead however you phrase it.
I didn’t realize that our esteemed community member Albert Porter had such a product available. Where would one go to find the Porter Ports – website, email, other information, etc.?
Contact Mr. Porter directly. You can reach him via the AudiogoN emailer system. I have Porter Ports on all the lines going into my listening room. They are indeed very good. They hold onto heavy power cables like a pit bull on a pant leg.
I have found another improvement to add to them is replacing the cheap outlet covers with heavy brass. I have tried both polished brass and brushed nickel finish brass and find that brushed nickel sounds best with Mr. Porter's Pit Bull on a Pant Leg Power Ports
I too use the Porter Ports, and find them to be very effective. (To be honest, I had them installed when I had my dedicated lines put in, so I don't know whether it is the ports, the dedicated lines or the combination of the two that caused my sound to improve (significantly)! I assume it was the combination of the two, and I am very happy with the results, particularly in the bass response, which is deeper and tighter.

From a value standpoint, they seem to be a pretty good value, less expensive than the PS Audio ports, but more expensive than standard non-cyroed hubble port.

As far as where to buy them: Merely type in "porter" in the search menu here on Audiogon, and they'll pop up!!!

PS Albert is a really nice guy to deal with, (and to talk to about all things audio). I hear he likes to take pictures with his old Kodak Brownie camera too! :-)
Ditto Kurt_tank............ best value on the 'Gon.
I went from a stock Hubble port to the Porter Ports and... can't say I remember anything too drastic but it seemed dynamics or shades of detail in the dynamics improved just a bit... (I get a similiar result just after cleaning every connection with Kontact, and after applying the silver contact enhancer by Walker). I would say the Porter Port is a very cost effective big improvement over stock wall outlet and minor improvement over stock Hospital grade Hubbel port.
Yep, the Porter Ports are very good indeed. There are (many) times that I prefer the PP to my Oyaide R1 on my amp (both receptacles on dedicated 30 amp lines). It is more transparent, open, and uncolored than the R1 and works very well with a wide variety of plugs. Best buy on Agon!
Thanks for all of your responses. Since my last posting I have installed a metal back plate to the Porter Port
and went futher and applied small srrips of Deflex Panel ing to the back of the back plate and a little to the front of the plate to cut down on damping and the sopund became even more refined.