Porter Port break in ?

Has anyone ever bought a Porter Port and the music gets a little brighter? I noticed the stage opened up quite a bit. Very spatial. I'm wondering if the spatial openess has fooled my ears into thinking the music sounds brighter or can this be part of the break in period. Anyone else experiance the brightness issue and will it go away? Thanks for your responce. zman
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I have had many and at first you may think its brightness,but it is either not quite broken in yet ( took me about 48 hours for breakin ) or you are noticing more info that was not there before..I actually put one of my old plugs back in once and I did I realized I was hearing more detail....
Yes. Any cryoed receptacle is likely to take as much as 30 days to really settle in. What you are hearing is normal. Bright, etched, thin, lots of detail.

If you really want to burn the receptacle in, take it right out of your system and replace the receptacle that your refrigerator or a chest freezer in the house runs on and plug the fridge/freezer into each half of the receptacle for about 2 weeks. The cycling on/off of the fridge/freezer and the large draw when the compressor kicks in will do more to burn the receptacle in than any amount of time in your system.

If you want the best out of your Porter Port, or any receptacle, that's the approach to take. After the month, stick the receptacle back in your system and enjoy. You will be shocked at how good it will sound. With a $5 adapter, this is also the best way to burn in power cords short of a cable cooker, even those that have been in systems for years.
I agree 100% with Hdm.
Well said.
This post makes me want to put an IEC connector on my table saw ;).
Thanks everyone. There is alot more information for sure. I've been running a fan through it when I'm not listening. I will just keep the fan on it and wait for the smoothness to settle in. Thanks. zman
LOL, Thats pretty funny.
Break in is a little longer like 30days and 30nights...
Well, it may not be completely burnt in yet, but its not nearly as edgy as at first. Very 3 dimentional. I like it.
I just got mine too and so far I love it, can't wait to break it in!!!
May take about about 7 yrs.
Do ya'll have the isolated ground Porter, or the non-isolated?