Portal panache vs rogue Coronus

Any opinions which is better, looking for a direct compairson. Will be driving a pair of mark&daniel minis they like power.thanks for any advice nick
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i have not heard the rogue,but i know they are nice, but i have owned the portal int. amp. i found it to be very neutral with the passive volume control and very tube like sounding with the amp side. i did not like not having a remote, but is preference . overall i liked it enough to own another one and i never buy the same piece due to there is just too much good stuff out there the own the same again, but i have though several times of buying another one....i have owned cary, krell, linn, but for the money on the used market ,it is a steal....also i have noticed when they come up for sale, the are gone....good listening
Happynick, I have both (Cronus being the Magnum version)- what music genre(s) do you listen to and what's the ohm and dbs of your speakers
Facten, I listen to everything but classical,rock,blues,flamenco,lots of vocals like Sade,I think my speakers are 8ohm's that dip to 4 ohms,at 82db,what is your your opinion on the differences of the Coronus and the Portal Panache? thanks Nick