portable ipod speakers?

Anyone bought a portable speaker system for their ipod? I was thinking maybe one of the Klipsch iGroove setups. Anyone have any experience? I know these aren't generally great sounding, but I need something portable for the wife. Just don't want to buy junk.
AudioEngine A2 or A5!

Good luck!
I agree with the Audioengine suggestion. You could even get creative and put them in a carrying of some kind.
Interesting thread as my college age daughter wanted these (claims she blew up her last rig) and the only simple smallish ones with a sub I found are the Klipsch. I ended up giving her an old set of Altec powered sub/sat speakers I had previously hooked up to an office computer. It drove me insane trying to find anything that might have any cojones for her "dubstep" addiction.
Don't know how "portable" you're looking for, but I have this setup and it sounds really nice.
Interesting stuff from Cambridge. By portable I mean having an active monitor w/ mini-jack or an all-in-one cradle/speaker box(i.e...simple connection). I have 2.1 M-Audio LX4 setup for my keyboards. Has to be best $200 setup ever. Shame they don't make them anymore. But this can't have a sub....too much stuff to drag around. She wants to take it to and from work. I might be able to talk her into 2 small monitors but that would take two wall plugs and I'm not sure how that mini-jack would get to a l/r unless they make a cable that breaks out that way. I should probably stick with something like this
I just looked at the the Audioengine and I like the minijack input with rca jumper. You could just keep the the two speakers connected and plug the ipod up as needed. Any other suggestions? Been helpful so far.
One of the Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Radios should work. Small with good sound and includes a built in iPod dock. The price is definitely right especially for the lower end models.
I have both AudioEngine A2 and A5 and the A2 is a lot more portable. I have them positioned overhead of my desk and they sound like big headphones. You won't be disappointed. No sub needed.
Is that the same Cambridge that makes the Azur stuff?
No. Cambridge Soundworks was founded by Henry Kloss about 15 years ago. It's the same Henry of Acoustic Research, KLH, and Advent fame ... before the companies and names were sold a half dozen or so times. They make very good radio products. Cambridge Audio is a British based audio manufacturer, which was once owned or was the house brand for Richer Sounds. One of CA's lines is the Azur line.

The JBL "on stage" is a really portable unit. (if shes anything like my wife, it would fit in her purse) Both of my kids have one, and my wife has the bigger "Time Machine" in our bathroom. Don't let the size fool you, they sound amazingly good for what they are. I've never tried the smaller "micro" line. The mark II and newer have a remote also. Easy to find on ebay. I don't think you can beat them for the money.
There was a write-up for a Sharp unit in Stereophile recently. It got high marks and was very portable. I've used my Logitech Squeezebox Radio for motorcycle trips and it worked out great. It has the added feature of wifi internet radio if you find yourself in a 'hot spot'. The Radio has only one speaker but very good fidelity for the size and it has a remote and battery power (plays for about 6 hours on battery) available.
Update.....going to wait a few more paychecks to recover from Christmas!!! Plus my son's bday is coming. I think I'm leaning towards the JBL though. I'll let ya know.