Portable CD player with Digital Output

I am looking for an older portable CD [no MP3] player that has a digital output. I know that Sony made some about 2 years ago, but nothing is listed currently on their website.

A current production unit would be fine as well, IF there are any with digital out.

Thanks to all in advance!
check out the Citizen players. I don't remember what model I got a few months back (from amazon or ebay), but as long as you defeat the anti-skip feature it sounds quite organic. I'm pleased with it.

Look for a Radio Shack Optimus 3400 (remember them?)on the used market. It has a digital output on a mini jack. Radio Shack also sells a mini stereo>RCA adapter that works very well. I used the 3400 into a Audio Alchemy DITB into a Headroom amp for headphone listening. Very satisfying.
Sony D-NE920 is a current production unit with digital out. I have purchased one to use with Headroom micro amp and micro dac for portable use.
Vicks7, according to Sony's website, this unit only has a mini-jack for headphones out, not even a line output! But for a electronics giant like Sony, they have one of the WORST website that I've ever seen!
Check out the I-river Imp series. The cd player I have from them, the imp 550 kicks serious butt. I can't say enough about this cd player. And it has line out and optical out. It is also razer thin.

The Sony definitely has an optical out even though Sony elects not to reveal this on the website!! It is an auto selecting optical out so when you hook up the DAC it automatically switches. As a transport it is a good machine according to all who use it with a DAC - I am still waiting to receive mine.
I believe Denon portable DCP-150 has a digital output, besides having great sounding reviews. I have the DCP-100 btw.
Second the i-River. Have one without digital out and it has as just a player trounced separate players, no really. Can only imagine what the dig-out version will do.