Portable budget system. Class D Audio

I am trying to complete a small, portable budget system for my daughter, a traveling nurse.  She currently has:
Elac Uni-fi UB5 speakers.    4 ohm   85db
Schitt Sys  passive pre/volume control
Dragonfly dac
Pangea pc, ic, speaker cables
Mac computer for streaming
I’m about to order a CDA -250C amp from Class D Audio.  I would like to hear from anyone who has experience with this amp.
Question if she already has Schitt Audio pre why not one of their amp's Vidar probably best suited for her speakers and same price range as the Class D amp. not that there is anything wrong with Class D, though it is probably smaller.  
I have the SDS-470C and it has been great for the past several years. I would not use it with really sensitive speakers though as it is a bit noisy...not an issue with the Elacs.

I would also not use any of the Class D Audio amps with a passive pre since they need gain to come to life due to low sensitivity (2V input) and low input impedence. IMHO, the amp would not be a good match for that system.

Indeed, for a portable system I think going with a pair of active speakers would be a better solution. Especially something with a built-in dac like the KEF LSX or LS50W.
Thanks for the feedback.  Audio Adviser has a sale on Parasound New Classic 2125v2.  One is in shipment now.  I shared your concern about the passive pre/volume control. The Parasound should work well I think.