Portable Bluetooth speaker recommendations?

I travel with my job ALL the time. Seldom home for any length of time and was wondering if anybody had any recommendations on a small portable Bluetooth speaker system that doesn't take up a lot of room. I have been using the Cambridge Oontz curve and wedge and they are pretty good. I was wondering what would be a significant upgrade in the 200.00 or less range. I don't watch tv but do listen to music at night but not a big fan of headphone listening. Mainly iPod, iPhone or computer streaming or hooked to a input jack into the speaker. I have a pair of audio engine speakers but are not Bluetooth and not my favorite sound. Maybe too heavy in the bass department. More a fan of good midrange.  Any ideas. 
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A black web tsunami available at wall mart for 79 bucks offers more performance then you will expect
UE Boom
Geneva Labs Model S or XS.  You can even get one with an Ipod dock but both have Bluetooth.
I will check these out! Thanks for the recommendations. The Geneva Lab looks cool too. 

I've got the Model S.  Big sound from a little box.  The XS is made to travel.
Is there a big difference in sound between the S and the XS. The price is fine for either. Just want the best of the two. 
I've played with some of their line.  As you go up in price, the sound gets "bigger".  This is due to more amps, bigger boxes and more.  The XS has 2 tweeters but not much of a cabinet.  It is quite portable.

Honestly, you should contact Geneva and ask them.  They might even work out a demo or loaner?  Quite nice folks.  Try Jed Lenon at   [email protected]  Small company where you don't have to search for good answers.
Thanks Elevick. I just talked to Mr. Lenon on the phone. He recommended the xs. That is what he uses when he travels. Ordered it just now. Ships tomorrow. Problem solved.
Jed is awesome.  I hope you told him I referred you.
I own two Peachtree Audio Deepblues,  the original and the most current model.  With either model I've come to the sonic conclusion that either model shows best when situated about ten feet away from where you might be sitting and playing moderately loud.  (With the bass set at its minimum)

I do this mainly when entertaining friends and relatives on my outside deck in the summer and the positive comments have never let up.  Now if only Peachtree would include a DAC on any subsequent models....
Have you find the exact one? I think you will like this one,  http://amzn.to/2cemWbO

I highly recommend.