Porcelain makes Stereophile list...after 19 years

One of the greatest female voices and albums ever is Porcelain by Julia Fordham. One of the people at Stereophile has it on this year's "Records to Die For" list....it was released in 1989,...well better late than never. If you don't have this CD, buy it.
I didn't think it was that old....of course, I have a hard time believing I'm THIS old!! It is one of my fav cd's...also like Concrete Love. She has a great vocal range on these two but I have read where her live concert dvd's leave a lot to be desired(although I have not heard them).
I heard it in 1989 and liked it. I heard it again yesterday and loved hearing it again.
So, I agree. Buy it and you won't be disappointed if you like this style of music.

Julia Fordham has an unbelieveable vocal range
and I believe she wrote all the songs on the album.

Given the sad, sad state of today's music, it's a pleasure to hear something like this again.
I have a live cd of hers that is a Japanese pressing and was an event somewhere in England. All of the songs are from her first two albums...the self titled "Julia Fordham" and "Porcelain". Her cd "Swept" in greatly underated..and is worth a try.
I look forward to the February Stereophile each year to find good music I may be unfamiliar with. I listened to the Porcelian sound samples on Amazon and bought it immediately. There were lots of used(and new)copies available. I purchased a "gently used" edition for $.80 (plus $2.98 for shipping). This has to be the bargain of the decade!
I have five Fordham CDs and at one time was a big fan ("Swept" is a nice CD, also), so I fully agree that "Porcelain" is a must-own CD. I listen to Fordham infrequently today, but "Porcelain" still comes across as somewhat timeless.