Popping when source is switched or muted HUH????

What might be causing this? I am using a Rotel Pro, it is running through a cheap monster 2000 powercond. I am using Innersound EROS MKII active crossover vertical bi-amp, I get this popping sound in every mode switch, using mute, cable channel changes, even on digital bypass (muti channel) internal bypass of everything except volume, so it is either electrical or in the processor...please any ideas? thanks Chad
chad, maybe try removing one piece of equipment at a time until you no longer have the problem (go back and start with the last thing you changed, and work backwards). Might help you to isolate the equipment causing it. Maybe there is an alternative method of hooking up the components?
It almost sounds like the processor/premap is dialed up too high and the signal is being amplified by the active crossover.
Just a guess.
I had the problem slightly with my AR-9 towers, now those were 87db efficient, now the Innersounds are 96db so it is all amplified now, I am sending off Rotel for repair. thanks for the help, also I posted pics. take care
I had the same issues with a BAT preamp. Bad output capacitor...not sure if this is what's happending to you. same symptoms.
I think it is simply a ground problem. I have had that several times with various pieces of equipment. Just get yourself a $2 adapter that has a 3 prong female on one end and a two prong male on the other. This will lift the ground. Put it on your source and I can bet your popping will disappear like magic!

You will probably get your Rotel back and still have the popping sound.


Hey Arther,
Boy when I saw your post my eyes got big and I rushed downstairs and hooked one on, no change, so I went a step further and hooked it up to one of the Stats thinking the speaker might be helped...wrong again, but thanks alot for the idea...anyone else got a idea? I think its gonna be going off to Rotel shortly.
This clicking or popping is probably a problem with the processor. Rotel has acknoledged some processors have this problem and I think has a fix (if it is software related or will replace or fix the unit If it is a chip problem. Maybe? They had problems with QC and has resorted just recently to playing every unit for like 72 hours after importing them and sticking a green sticker on the BOX to let dealers know its been tested. At least this is what I read somewhere.
Thanks guys for all your input, a fellow Goner' is lending me his pre while my Rotel is in service...thanks again for all your help!