Popping when kids are jumping

Gentlemen, I’m not sure where to post this but I’ve noticed recently when the kids are playing and jumping my PMC twenty.26s are popping. It’s subtle and I only noticed it because I was sitting next to said speakers.

I’m not sure where to begin figuring out what the problem is.

The chain is PMCs with blue jean cable on the plinths, spikes and feet. My amp is a plinius sb301 and not on a plinth. My DAC is an amr dp-777 and in a cabinet which I believe to be sturdy enough.

Any advice would be great appreciated, please.

Thank you


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"Turned the amp off, dac on and gone"

Obviously ;-)

If you think the fault lies within the amp - with it turned ON and nothing connected to it other than speakers,  lift one side maybe 1/2 " or so and let it fall back down,  try both sides. If theres a loose solder joint or connection inside that can be exited by the quite small vibrations form bouncing kids on the floor, above will certainly expose it.

Best of Luck