popping sound with new 6922 tube

I am new in the tube world. I just replaced Siemens 6922 tube with Phillips. When I turn the preamp up for the first time in the morning, I get a popping sound (probably from tube) after a couple of seconds. A noise is delivered to speakers, too. Is it ok? Will it disappear as the tubes age? Or should I get a different pair? Thanks for your help.
I dearly love the Philips 6922s in my Raysonic CDP but they didn't work at all --
monumentally microphonic -- in a CJ preamp I had at the time. At least one
preamp manufacturer, Audible Illusions, recommends against using this tube.
What preamp do you have and why did you replace the Siemens?
I'm not a technical person, so I don't understand all the ins and outs, but I've been through this NOS tube "popping" thing, and if the transients from the popping are hard enough, they can damage something downstream. I've blown resistors in my amp from tube popping in my pre-amp twice. It's expensive and frustrating. So now, the moment I hear popping start, I take the offending tube out and send it back. Whether you have damage downstream (and I've heard of speakers suffering as well) may depend on your equipment. For me, I no longer want to risk it.
Eweedhome is right. Unless you buy your NOS tubes from a respected seller you are in for trouble, unless you buy a tube tester ( to be found on ebay ) have it checked and calibrated and test every tube you intend to use for rolling. A popping tube belongs out unless you want to risk damage to your gear.
I agree with the above statements, but would add one note: If you do buy a tube tester- get one that checks the tube at full operational voltage. Some anomalies(IE: anode to grid breakdown voltage) won't show themselves at reduced voltage levels and/or if the tube is not at full operational temperature. Some testers also have small speakers that allow you to actually hear any microphonics(noise) that the tube is producing. An important feature if you are screening tubes for use in phono stage or pre-amp operation.
Thanks a lot, everyone. There are so many things to learn! And fascinating.
I just got a C-J CT 5 preamp which uses that tube. It's my first tubed equipment. I will order from C-J when I need new tubes. Thanks everyone.
Enjoy your music all!!