Popping sound on phono Graham Phantom2/SOTA TT

About 5 min after i play records i get a loud popping sound on phono . Bob graham is sending me a wire to ground arm base. I have SOTA COSMOS Graham Phantom could it be the new Metal arm tube i had Phantom 1 with Ceramic tube Before.
One of the inmates here sirSpeedy had the exact same problem with the same arm/TT combo.
You definately need a ground wire.

Hopefully Speedy will respond.
I have the exact same hardware that i am just about to set up. Cosmos/Phantom
I just may have the same issue as Ebm. Will see and report back.
I currently have an SME V mounted on my Cosmos with no popping sound whatsoever.
Sirspeedy and I experienced the same static "popping" issue a few month ago.
With help of Atmasphere I could tell that it was a grounding issue and it has been resolved by ground wiring the TT platter bearing shaft with the metal base of the Phantom with masking tape, and another wire from there to the ground plug of the phonopreamp, together with the groundwire of tonearmcable.
Bob Graham was also very heplful and attentive until problem solved.
If this happens just ground the bearing and problem solved!!