Popping Sound From TT

It seems every time I remove a record from the platter there is a loud popping noise coming from the speakers. At first it was not too bad but now that I have upgraded my phone pre amp, it's louder and I’m afraid that I can blow a speaker, if I don’t remember to lower the volume or change inputs. Like I said this only happens when I remove the record. In fact I can just wave the record around the turn table and still get this popping.
Static. Is your Scout's bearing grounded? If not, you can improve and maybe eliminate this condition by attaching a ground wire. I keep a barometer in my listening room and run a humidifier this time of year to keep the humidity up. I think this is better than using a Zerostat gun.
If you ground the table to the phono amp / preamp, it should go away. Have you tried this?
I agree with Dan_ed. Also, if you're using a felt mat you might try something else - I switched from felt to a Ringmat on one tt and a Herbie's mat on another - - both helped reduce static charges quite a bit.
I grounded the turn table to the phone pre-amp and the problem went away thanks all.
You may still get some with heavy LP's, like 180 and 200 gram records.
What might happen, now that you've grounded the table to the phono amp, is that you will no longer have the big static problem, but you may get a pop when you turn the table motor on and off. I haven't figured out how to fix that one, yet.

at van den Hu's site, he reccomends a small cup with bit of sponge and water to humidufiy the near field around the turntable. I put one at the back of my nad533 and it has caused a lot of low level pops and periodic suprising pops to cease to exist.

weird sounding, yes i know, but it works.