popping sound from l and r speakers

Hi folks. I have my 2ch system imbedded in my htr.
When watching tv, I get a popping sound when I change channels, pause or play on the dvr. The "pop" does not get louder in response to volume level on the htr, but it does go away if I have the htr set to "mute".

Any ideas of what I could do or if it is even a problem to worry about?

Video and audio systems have a habit of popping when their connected.Dont worry,but do run it down to satisfy curiousity[sp].Someone in the know will be by here soon,good luck,Bob
I tried changing components and cables one at a time to try and isolate.
The only way that I could eliminate the "pop" to the l and r speakers when changing tv channels or pausing a movie was to take the capri out of the loop.( And that is *not* a workable solution. That much became clearas I tried to listen to music with out it.)
if anyone has any ideas, let me know.
as far as i understand it, and it's minimal, there is a specific resistor that is installed in either the pre/pro or amp that mutes or absorbs that pop. some units have it some don't. some combinations will cause pop, some won't even with or without the resistor. it is a hit or miss thing. my jaton/marantz combo has the issue. marantz avoided responsability(i beleive the resister does belong in the pre/pro)but jaton offered the solution to instal in their amp. i have not done so yet so i cannot comment.
thanks! I have swapped marantz and HK HTR rec but that didnt help. I am next going to try analog video (is that what it is called? The connection that we used to use for hd tv before hdmi came along) to see if that has anything to do with the problem.
just found the email from jaton. they say this is caused because some pre's do not mute the 1/2 second when sources are switched and that causes the pop. they suggested a 3.9 kohm resistor in between the input signal and its ground. i am not a dyi'er but he sent me a spec of where it goes inside the amp. it is right at the rca input terminal inside the body of the amp. if you'd like i can email you the spec.
please do!
My email is jaugustine@satx.rr.com
It will be over my head but interesting none the less.
When I taked the jeff rowland out of the loop and just run the pre out from the HK or the Marantz to the amps there is not problem. So I think that I will check in with the folks at jeff rowland and see if they have any fixes / thoughts.
hi, i apologize i did not get back to this thread sooner. unfortunately the email is at work and i can't access from home. but monday, i will certainly send it. i see you are running a nuforce amp. it would seem to me that digital and chip amps(which is what i have) are very sensitive to this issue but that is purely conjecture. i am living with it currently, but certainly cringe just a bit everytime i change the channel or source. as soon as i get a chance i'm hauling the amp to boston to goodwins high end to have them instal the resistors.
Any time is fine. I had ruled out the nuforce as the problem and figured that it was the capri b/c when I took the capri out and just ran from the avr to the nuforce, the pop went away.
I have a call in to jeff rowland. If he has any ideas, I will pass them along.