Popping Sound Coming From Speakers

I just installed two pairs of Audioquest Coral interconnects and when I turned on the amp the speakers started popping and crackling. When I removed them and put my old interconnects back on the problem disappeared. Any suggestions as to the cause would be greatly appreciated.
I guess they're terminated imprperly or there should be somewhere loose ground connection. AQ RCAs are detachable so you can easily spot the case...
I suspect bad interconnect are at the root of the cause...

Seriously, have you pulled the connectors apart to see if you've got a lousy / broken solder joint or something obvious in there? I assume since you're asking here they're not new ICs or you would have just returned them.

You didn't loosen up a jack or two swapping them in/out, did you?

What are your old ICs and what other stuff do you have? Tube preamp???
Everyone who has ever owned an electric guitar knows exactly what it is - time for a new cord. In your case, it's another pair of AQ's (trade them in - you got a bad one).
Kingston, If the cables pass a visual inspection, might it be a capacitance/impedance mismatch problem? Are they balanced or SE configuration?
Does this happen with both left and right speakers. Big question. If it only happens to one speaker, try reversing and see if the problem follows. i recently bought a pair os custom interconnects from someone well-regarded on audiogon and he shipped me a replacement for the one bad cable by express mail. If it happens on both of them...well did someone really skrew up on the soldering? You can also try them on a friend's system. Just, BE CAREFUL!