popping noise when switching tv channels

I have a Time Warner cable box. Sometimes when I switch channels there is a loud popping noise but not all the time. The sound cable(coax) from the cable box (Scientic Atlanta 3200HD)feeds into my Mcintosh MX135 pre/pro. All my components are fed power from a Panamax 5500EX surge/AC regeneration unit.
Any thoughts on what can be done to eliminate this noise??
The sound cable(coax) from the cable box ----try an optical cable.

But it sounds like you have a cable ground problem, might even be intermittant with the high AC load due to Air Conditioning etc.

Build yourself a "magic" to lift the ground on your incoming cable with $10 in parts from radio shack.
I get that also sometimes, Hold in the power button till it reboots and it should go away.
You are losing the digital lock when you change stations. Using the analog setting will prevent this but you will lose Dolby Digital. Your processor may have a software update that will prevent the popping.
Thanks for the info. I will call Mcintosh in the am. I am using the MX135 Mcintosh pre/pro.
Switching the audio output of the cable box from coax to optical solved the problem. I called Mcintosh and they said it appears that the cable box was "throwing DC" when changing channels. I guess it was!