popping noise

When I turn on and power off my system I get a popping noise out of the speakers. Sound is great when playing, just when coming on and off. Is this a problem with the amp, preamp or speakers? Is their a fix's for this short of buying a new speaker, amp or preamp?
Thanks for the help
In what order due you turn your stuff On/Off.

If you are not doing it already, you should start with the sources and turn the amp on last. When turning off you should reverse the process.
thanks Jjrenman
its been the preamp on first then the sources and last the amp with volume down low each time. For off its the sources first then the amp with the pre amp last with the volume down low. Any other ideas
thanks pete
Your On sequence is OK but when turning Off the sources will often send a pop or spike. Since your preamp and amp are still On you may here a spike from that. However if you are getting the same pop during your On procedure I would have the amp checked out. There is usually a small cap across the power switch inside the amp that keeps the momentary voltage arc at the power switch from causing a pop at turn on.
tube gear - could be a tube going bad or older capacitors going bad.
Reasonable probability that you are hearing noises from your sources as they shut down. General rule of thumb would be source-pre-amp for turn on and amp-pre-source for shut down.
To add to the above responses.
On startup allow a minute before turning on the amp. This will allow equipment upstream to settle down.

On system shutdown turn volume down on preamp,
turn off amp,
wait at least a minute for power supply caps to bleed off,
then turn off preamp and input source/s.

You could also check to make the amp is not causing a pop by turning on the amp only, wait about 10 minutes and then turn off the amp. You should not hear a pop.
Thanks to all I will check it out
This happen quite often with Integrated amp.
I think the sequence go like this :

ON: Cd player 1st, Preamp and then Amp.
Off : Amp 1st, preamp and then CD player.