popping from speakers?

i mean LOUD popping. when i turn on amp there's a hum and ever now and then a mild pop or crackle. then when i turn on cd or any component, within a few minutes there's a loud pop, like someone dropping the oxford dictionary from like 10 ft up.


it seems to be only on one speaker side. i've even gone a bought a power cleaner to put in front of amp and all components.. still no go. so it doesn't seem to be the power?

anyone have any thoughts? help is appreciated
First of all, is your amp or preamp tubed? If so, change the tubes around until you discover which tube is causing the problem.
If no tubes, is there any new component in your system?
It may be causing a ground loop hum. Try floating the ground on varying pieces of equipment (caution: do not float all grounds at once!), starting with the new component (if indeed there is a new component).
I assume that if you're not using tubes, that you've made some change in equipment, and that change has a different ground potential then your previous setup.
Last, but not least, disconnect any and all cable tv or satellite wires from touching your system in anyway. This also could cause a problem.

Hopefully one of these three ideas will help you out.
It would be easier if we knew more about your system.
Tubes? New equipment? etc.

A good rule to follow is to turn ON source and preamp first, let them settle a minute or so and then turn on the amp. When it is time to power OFF the system, turn the amp off first, let it settle down and then turn off preamp and sources.
Most manufactures of CDP’s recommend leaving the equipment on.
ya. sorry realized after i posted that you may need more info.

i did purchase a new amp - tube. however, this was in hopes of fixing a similar problem. the old amp, a transistor, was sparking. i'd figured it somehow got fried so i got a new one. this time a tube amp.

still didn't work so i tried a ps audio unit to clean the power.

today, i tried to make sure all cables were ok. i disconnected everything and reconnected.

i have tried putting in new tubes. no go.

i'm not sure i understand all the "floating" the ground stuff. sorry haven't ever played with electrical.

i can try the component first thing but i think i used to do that with the transistor amp and today i was just trying to narrow down if there were issues with the amp and the speaker since it's the new thing.

any help is appreciated. have put enough time and $$ into this problem and am a bit frustrated. in fact, this is obviously over a bit of time.

thanks for help.
Switch your speaker cables and see if the popping changed to the other speaker. Do the same with your interconnects, one set at a time. You may have a bad termination on one end of your cables.
I had the same problem when I added a dac into my system. So, the culprit had to be the dac. I sent it in for a thorough checkup and the problem was narrowed down to a loose solder joint. After that was fixed, the popping went away completely. So, maybe you can try to check your components for any loose joints (it's no easy task). Hope this helps.