Pop with turn on/ off Primare 30 pre,A30.2 amp

Have a suggestion on pop to the speakers on turn on/ Off /standby also . connected remotely from Pre amp , All wires are good , Balanced amp/pre amp/source (CD) single ended to Pre amp. No Problem before with intergrated amp. Does somebody have any answers
Pepp111, welcome to my nightmare. Brand new pre SP16L and 4BSST. POP when mute. POP when volume up/ from 0 to 4 on the front of the pre digital read-out. I upgraded all my ICs, speaker cables, surge protector... and still POP. I will have to send my pre across the country to have them technically check it out. I will be interested to what you will find out. Most audiophile suggested leaky-cap or bad tubes...but I run out of money upgrading things not neccessary and I run out of patience. Best luck.
Any update? I'm experiencing this with my CAL MCA2500 amp.
I've also experienced this problem with the Primare A30.2. My guess is that there's a faulty capacitor in the circuit...