Pop-up spam is making this site unusable.

The pop up spam on my iPhone is making audiogon unusable. Is anyone else having the same issue when viewed from an iPhone?

arftech,  Please email your popup spam issues to Audiogon Customer Support at:

[email protected]

It is very important that they know others are also having this issue    Thanks  

Here are two solutions that seem to be working. 

1.  Don’t use the safari browser... download google and use that browser for audiogon. 

2. Go to the App Store and download stopad... it’s free... this seems to allow you to then use safari. 

Will report back back if either of these stop working. 
Download Norton Ad Blocker for free from the App Store. One button to turn it on and that’s it, you won’t see any of the garbage. 
Best blocker and the one I'm using now is uBlock Origin.  I hardly see any ads on any site, although some sites require me to disable the ad blocker for access to the site.
Ghostery is available for the iPhone as a browser. I use it on my desktop where its a plug in to Firefox- in that case it blocks 'trackers' that report your activity to other sites like Google.
As a browser on the iPhone it acts a bit different. You have to set it to block trackers- when you do it works a lot better (and faster) but not all sites will resolve. Audiogon does FWIW and I don't get any redirects or popups.
Ghostery also blocks ads. This is really nice when active on forum sites that have a lot of ads. It loads faster and seems less annoying :)