Pop up on audiogon

Is anyone else plagued by pop ups while try to view this forum?  Right now I can’t even see what I’m typing due to pop ups blocking most of my iPhone screen. Is this happening to others or just a problem with my iPhone. It doesn’t happen at any other time or on other forums. 
I should add that these pop up don’t go away. If you try to close them it transfers me to a new page and I can’t always get back to the post I was viewing. 
Download and install Ghostery. It's free and works great on all sites.

^^^ +l for dill. 

I use Ghostery for my PC and it works like a charm.

+2 for dill and his reco for Ghostery.
In the event when I pause it for some sites to properly format, and forget to resume it, I get all the annoying pop ups you describe. 

Now, if they can do something about phone spammers besides nomorobo, let me know. Their automated process now has my number dialing me on my landline and there's no way I can block my own number. They'll call me with my number half a dozen times a day now. I've gotten to where I just disconnect it for a day and may just stop using my landline altogether.

All the best,
@admin Can we lose the pop-ups? No one is clicking them except by mistake. Thank you.
Adblock Plus = zero popups