pop noise with BAT50se

my system is a sony xa777es, DCS Delius/Purcell n BATvk500. now demoing a VK50SE. whenever i mute the 50se or change from cd to aux2 or aux1 a loud pop comes thro my left speaker- a smaller sound may be coming from the right but the left one is prominent.what cud be the problem. any experiences how the 50se mates wiht vk500 after breakin.
I have the same...i think it's the same level in both channels. might be normal. I wouldn't characterize mine at loud though...

I'm running a vk60, so can't comment on how that works with the 500. I used to have a vk200. great. VK60 much better midrange though-for me anyway.

FYI, I found the Delius to sound slightly better w/o the preamp at louder volume levels. however, the 50se kills it when you consider the whole volume range. Also, better match with your other equipment and if you ever get into vinyl, the 50se w/ external phono stage is among the best out there...
had sf line 3 and it would pop occasionally. i put it down to cables that had been moved and or tubes that just had to cause some concern.