Pop noise from turntable when power-off the unit.

would you give me any solutions for this problem.
My equipments are; VPI Class 2 turntable, Fosgate Signature
preamp, VAC 160i Integrate Amp.
The pop noise is very loud when turning off the power of the turntable to change a record.
check that 6dj8 tube in the Fosgate,very sensitive to vibrations. Is the TT close to the Fosgate?
Mine does the same thing but I always turn the volume down before switching off the Turntable which takes care of the poping noise issue. But if it bothers you I believe there is a capacitor change that is easy to do. I would write VPI and ask.

It's a capacitor issue in the Classic. Apparently, about 10% of the systems with the Classic experience this issue according to Mike from VPI. Some systems just love to pick the pop up upon turning the unit off. Just like the poster above, I simply turn the volume down on my preamp before I switch the motor button off. Mike said pressing the mute button, or changing input will accomplish the same thing with less work.
Are you muting the VAC integrated amp before turning off the turntable? If not, DO SO!!

I ALWAYS mute the preamp while turning off/on the turntable. Put the new record on, clean it, start it and UNMUTE. It's just that easy.
I have had 3 VPI tables all of which make the popping noise when turning off the motor (although not as bad or sometimes not at all when engaging the motor). I mute during turnoff.
I have a Classic 1 and replaced the cap. It's really easy to do because VPI used wire nuts to terminate it. So you don't need to solder. I don't remember what value cap it was so ask VPI. I picked mine up from Radio Shack. After the cap change the pop was still there but very quiet and no longer a problem.

VPI has known about this problem for some time. I am surprised they have not just started using the higher value cap on their motors yet. It's such a simple and inexpensive fix.
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Same problem, different TT. My Townshend Rock 7's motor pops loudly every time. i've tried everything can think of. This is annoying as it adds two more steps to my ritual, which looks like this when I switch sides:

1. Mute
2. Lift tone arm
3. Stop motor
4. Move arm to armrest
5. Swing trough away
6. Unclamp record and put clamp aside
7. flip record
8. Screw clamp down on record
9. Turn on motor
10. Dry brush LP
11. Shoot LP with Milty Zero Stat gun
12. Clean stylus with Zero Dust Onzow
13. Swing trough to locked position
14. Position stylus over lead groove
15. Unmute
16. Arm lifter down

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT TAKES 16 STEPS!!! I never counted before. Glad the music is worth it or I would have quit analogue in the 80's...

BTW, I can't just pluck the LP off as you do, Elizabeth, because it's clamped down.
I own a VPI Scout and always change the input on my amp before I turn of the motor of my Scout.
I have TW ACUSTIC AC1 turntable no pops or noise its dead quiet.