Pop-free fm stations.

I've been held inside the car for about half hour before I jumped off to get to the office listening to WFMU 91.1 station in NY/NJ. Whenever I listen to this station there is always something new and never repeats and no pop whatsoever! Every stuff they play is unique and it's realy hard to remember the names of such great performers they broadcast. Sometimes I love WFUV 90.7 but they often roll too much country(I admit which is also great and unique).
To listen through the web this great pop-free radiostation go to www.wfmu.org or for the second one with more unique folk and country go for www.wfuv.org.

Maybe I should get an inexpencive FM tuna' or I can thread interconnects from the computer to preamp(7meters) what would you do in that case? Wanna hear some higher-end version from car-stereo some day wouldn't-ya believe?
If I decide on the computer listening what is the best sounding card I can get into my Pentium III 800MHz Gateway or it's simply a waiste and I should acquire a newer motherboard model(anywhay I upgrade them every year whattahell!). Is there a newer motherboards comming into production than current ones Pentium IV?
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I would recommend a good vintage tuner. As listed on this site many a times, goto http://www.geocities.com/tunerinfo/ and learn about some respected models. I think you will be quite amazed at how good some of these tuners are and some will compete with and exceed the current high-end tuners available, generally the vintage tuner will cost far less.

I have stated in the past that adding a tuner to my system in 2000, after not having one for over 10 years, was one of better purchases I made in regards to my system, I still believe this. My system has received much more use and has led to many changes along the way from peaking interest. Some may not see this as a good thing. :)
I forgot to mention that both of above said stations have extreamly weak signal but I must admit that my appartment is pretty high since the building is located at the top of the hill.