POowerCord for For the McIntosh MA6900

I own a McIntosh MA 6900 Integrated Amp.  I'm thinking of replacing the stock power cord with an upgrade.  I notice that power cords are described as either 15 Amp or 20 amp.   Which rating applies to the 6900?  Thanks
Your gonna find that Mac will like silver clad with teflon and good copper ends.  A # 10 is good. COOK the crap out of it.. or plug it into the refer circuit for a couple of weeks.

I don't care who makes it.. A 4 wire weave, 3 copper/silver clad and one pure copper for noise and a second ground. You can try silver ends, but I quit using them. COPPER ends for a Mac, Just works. Gold is ok, copper is better.

I use an older Shunyata Copperhead power cable with my McIntosh MA6600 Integrated.  
I made a 4 strand copper 9-gauge cord.Very chee for my 6900 works great macs seem to like big copper everywhere .
Just make sure it’s a heavy gauge cable for high current and quality plugs. Doubt a $30 cord is going to smoke the stock one, but good luck. If you don’t have dedicated circuits you will hear a difference but it will be subtle. Dedicated circuits will be more noticeable and will make the change of power cords more rewarding; at least that’s my experience. Tried a lot of brands and I recommend Kimber and WyWires.
Thanks but I wound up with a Cullen Power Cord, 10 gauge running from a Shunyata power conditioner.  This was a new house I moved into.  When replacing outlets with Furutechs my electrician told me, to my pleasant surprise,  I had two 20-Amp circuits where the  former owner's stereo used to be.