POowerCord for For the McIntosh MA6900

I own a McIntosh MA 6900 Integrated Amp.  I'm thinking of replacing the stock power cord with an upgrade.  I notice that power cords are described as either 15 Amp or 20 amp.   Which rating applies to the 6900?  Thanks
BLE has a PC for $20.95 + $8 shipping. Why pay more? 
Jump on A PURIST cord ASAP!!
Your gonna find that Mac will like silver clad with teflon and good copper ends.  A # 10 is good. COOK the crap out of it.. or plug it into the refer circuit for a couple of weeks.

I don't care who makes it.. A 4 wire weave, 3 copper/silver clad and one pure copper for noise and a second ground. You can try silver ends, but I quit using them. COPPER ends for a Mac, Just works. Gold is ok, copper is better.

I use an older Shunyata Copperhead power cable with my McIntosh MA6600 Integrated.