Poorman's ML 390 CDP


i'm in the process of upgrading my system.

just purchased NAD S200 few days ago and am very satisfied with it so far.

next up is preamp. i own rega planet 2000 CDP and was going to keep it.

but out of blue, i got myself thinking that if i sell rega and just purchase CDP with volume control, i could get something of higher quality, since I won't have to purchase preamp.

i did a little research and realized that what i want is NOT a CDP with (digital) volume control(sound degrading issue at lower volume) BUT a CDP that has preamp built-in (that is analogue volume control)...

So far i found out that ML 390 has the feature I want but that's beyond my budget...(my $$$ is about 2.5k)

so here goes my question, what's poorman's ML 390, if there's such a gig on the market?

many thanx for ur suggestion in advance...
Check out the Resolution Audio CD-55
Proceed makes a cdp (Madrigal family) that's based on the same conceptual design as the 390. You can find one used for about $900.
Try the 39 used, it's a little closer to your price range.
Get the new resolution audio opus 21 i would venture to say that it is better than the 390s.