Poor student with a SL-1700MK2, which needle?

I have very little money to invest in a nice system for the time being. I have a Technics SL-1700MK2 and the needle that is broken is a Grado (silver). Considering i know very little (especially compared those of you that comment on this forum) about turntables, I would love a recommendation.
I can spend up to $100 on the stylus, and yes, I know that is very little compared to the thousands many of you spend. Maybe someday. Thanks.
Needledoctor.com has your answers.
ALso you may try Kevin at KAB


I was referred there and he really knows Technics tables/arms and will give you reasonable options within your range. He also believes you will get very good sound from these setups and there are some here who concur from their experience.
Since you are a college student, here's my advice. If you can go slightly higher ($130- at the needle doctor), I would recommend the Stanton 681EEE Mk.III. The original Stanton 681 EEE was the standard at radio stations in the 1970's, and should match well with your turntable. It was an almost indestructible cartridge (stylus and cantilever) and could withstand the hideous 24/7 abuse that DJ's inflicted upon it. It can also safely back-cue the record, although this can chew up the vinyl. The brush can be removed.

Make sure that the new 681 EEE Mk.III has the same durability characteristics of the original 681 EEE.

I have been out of radio for about 25 years, so there may be other current cartridges which have the durability of the 681 EEE. But in the 1970's, this cartridge was as close to "bullet-proof" as you could get!
Dear Amerritt,

I have used an sl-1200 (very similar) with the Audio Technica 440ml cartridge. This is a top notch cartridge for the money. Needle Doctor & Music Direct sell them for $99.00. I was amazed at how good the sound was especially for the money spent. I put it on my Music Hall mmf-7 just for fun one day and it sounded better than other pick ups that cost 2 to 3 times as much.

It is easy to mount, compatible with the Technics arm, and durable. It has also garnered many fine reviews.

I hope this helps, Happy Holidays
Bennett (hififile)
I use a modded Stanton Groovemaster II ($200) in my KAB modded Technics 1200. Great match. I think the Stanton 681 would be a great second choice...

My suggestion would be a Shure M97xE. I have a v15 on my SL-1600 Mk2 and although I haven't heard the M97, I've heard good things about it. With a bit of searching on the net, you can probably find one for about $70 plus shipping. I've also heard good things about the AT 440ml.