Poor Fritz

There’s no better value and no one as willing to make bespoke speakers out there than Fritz and these forums treat his speakers as if they cost $200K.
They don’t. They are remarkably affordable and yet potential customers put him through the absolute ringer, asking for custom features, going through 2 or 3 models of home auditions and maybe not even buying any of them.

Look, you buy what you want to buy, but I think not enough credit is given to the man or his speakers in terms of the overall value proposition and I think this is a disservice overall.  If you write a 5 page review, please keep this very much in mind that you are not reviewing Wilson or Focal's flagships.  Maybe he doesn't deserve quite the same scrutiny.

@decooney Your answer may be the best one I’ve ever read on this common question. 
It is exactly the kind of answer that makes me wish Audiogon could have a FAQ page in each category.  
Possibly of interest: I have created a shorter video version of my Fritz review on Youtube: https://youtu.be/Hn3h3Tk6PzE
You can buy kits that come with cabinets already assembled all you need to do is fit the parts in. 


These are a fraction of the cost of the fritz and use top end drivers. They are $1400.

The braced cabinet design is slanted and has an unusual faceted baffle. It looks much cleaner and professional than the fritz cabinet. The finish on the ARA speakers are high gloss and look very good. 

If you arent concerned about the high gloss finish you could get cabinets made for less than the $700 Madisound charges you. 

As you can see, Fritz speakers are overpriced when you consider the alternatives. 
Do you ever tire of the same old nonsense? Apparently not. And when I dare to criticize it, my post is removed.
To: Kenjit,

Why don’t you build a kit from Madisound if you have not done so already? It can answer some of your recurring questions.

I’ve sourced parts from Madisound for 22 years and been designing and building my own speakers for 42 years. Came close to resurrecting and building a speaker company at one point. Decided its too costly to do really well in less than 2-3 years. Takes more like 5-10 years or more like you see with the better boutique builders.

You might be confused comparing hobbyists with business.

Hobbyists put no cost on their time and labor of love. Labor is free.

Businesses are in business to make profit, to evolve, and stay in business.  There is a cost to doing business. 

If you want to save money, buy good used speakers, recondition them. It’s cheaper, may be an option for you.

If you know of someone who buys parts and builds new quality speakers for FREE at no labor cost, please share their name and contact info.