Pontus ii and Hi Res

A bit new to streaming so apologies for a naive question. I’m streaming Tidal from a Bluesound Node into a new Denafrips Pontus ii via optical cable. Regardless of resolution (hi res or MQA), the DAC stays on 44.1 kHz x 1 multiplier. I tried setting the streamer audio to “MQA to external DAC”, but no difference. Also no difference toggling between OS and NOS  

What am I missing? If the Pontus can’t unfold MQA or resolve anything above 44.1 (x1)  is there any reason to keep Tidal’s highest res service?  The DAC should certainly recognize higher res files...no?

Appreciate any ideas. 



Not sure what Redbook Rates means but I’ll assume it’s higher than 44.1 x1. As such are you suggesting that the Pontus will recognize hi res from Tidal Hifi, but NOT with Hifi+ with MQA?

'Redbook' is the term for standard CD quality sample rates, or 44.1. So yes, 'HiRes' in terms of comparing it to a WAV, FLAC, etc. file, or, 'CD quality'. Certainly much better than MP3. 

Bottom line, your Denafrips can provide you 'CD Quality' playback with the Tidal standard 'HiFi' plan.




MQA is a scam. Redbook is fine. Apparently you are overpaying for Tidal. You are not alone. Virtually no one can pass the AIX HiRez test to identify it.  At least you started streaming at the right place.

Do you know how to Google?:


Subscribe to Qobuz.  Problem solved.  You'll get up to 196 with your setup and the lights on the Pontus will confirm it. Better SQ than Tidal too.

The pontus doesnot do mqa no big loss,  it’s not better then hires files anyway 

just go to QObuz.

My Terminator dac will not go higher than 44.1. The later models (2, Plus, and Plus 12th anniversary) will do 48K.