Pondering Amp upgrade - suggestions

I’m looking to upgrade my system and I could use some advice. It sounds great and am pretty happy but I have been wanting to incorporate a home theatre. Many new amps include the HT bypass which is what I’d like to take advantage of.
My system

Bryton B60 Integrated. This unit is 10 years old and sounds fantastic.
Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6. Love this unit.
AudioQuest Interconnects and Audioadvisor hand made speaker cables
Thiel CS 1.6’s. Also about 10 years old but sound fantastic.
I plan to upgrade to CA streamer soon to the new CXN streamer (for hi-rez)

Also have a Arcam CD72 that barley gets used these days.

The Thiels are 4 ohm speakers so the Bryston puts our 100 wpc into 4 ohms. The Bryston is hard to touch and I’m torn. My main upgrade would be a new Integrated or separates. I was looking at the Parasound Halo stuff. Either the new P5 integrated or the A23 Power amp + the P5 preamp. This has the HT bypass + separate subwoofer out with crossover controls. I’d like to add a sub to the audio as well as home theater.

I mainly listen to music and my room is not huge so I don’t need to go nuts on the HT gear. A decent speaker package with a good sub and a nice receiver would do the job.
As I said the Bryston is hard to beat (pricepoint) and I’d sell it to fund this. I’m worried the audio won’t compare. I have heard great things about the Parasound Halo gear so maybe not. I’m open to others.

I was wondering if I can utilize the Bryston in a HT setup somehow – with the pre-ins and outs? Bryston mentions in the manual but it’s pretty sparse. Since it’s not a true HT bypass, I’m confused.

Also, could I say buy the Parasound preamp and utilize the preamp ins? Then I have the Bryston power section and get all the new capabilities (HT bypass, sub out) of the new Parasound preamp. The Parasound might only accept balanced so that might not work.

Thanks a ton for any input!
I'm using Parasound a23 amp - 2 channel system with 4 ohm mag's
it's 225 amp into 4 ohms - sounds very good to my ears .
depends on room size not just current .
The parasound p5 preamp looks to do quite a bit ,no doubt a great match up

I may upgrade to larger amp due to my room size and listening position . The a23 is fine for now