Polyphonic Spree Live - Break Out Your Tunics

Last night saw a performance by the Polyphonic Spree at a small church in Philadelphia. Including former members of Tripping Daisy, the 25 members of the band couldn't even fit on the stage. The nine piece chorus was stacked 3x3 in the corner, Hollywood Squares style. Drums, percussion, harp, bass, guitar, slide, trumpet, flute, trombone, keyboards & theremin filled the stage & the area to the front. All 25 wore monk-like robes of a solid bright color, a day-glo cult-like serenade, accented by a film background to complement the "sunshine, trees, smiles" motif.
The volume cranked, the church shook. The message simple, but effectively delivered. It was a cross between Jefferson Airplane, and "Up With People", with a touch of early Genesis thrown in for good measure.
With 24 vans of gear to move this huge crew around, I'm not too sure they will make any profits on this tour. Unless they expand their songwriting, they might not keep the attention of their audience for more than an album or two. This might not be the most enduring band you'll ever experience, but they certainly are an experience to remember...
Cheers, Spencer
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The Sunday NY Times has a large spread on them in the arts and entertainment section. Including photos of the brightly colored tunics.