Polycrystal Stand Under Speakers : does it work?

I have heard that that by placing a ''Slab'' of Polycrystal under your speakers it will improve the sound. It was recommended that I use their amp stands with or without the spikes and place them under my Avalon Eclipse's for improved performance. Hey, an amp stand that will fit under the Eclipe's will run me about $600 for the both of them. Has anyone placed the Polycrystal Amp Stands under their speakers and could you tell me if it was worth it ?
No, but if you are using speakers as good as the Eclipses and they are spiked , you might consider 4 Aurios Pros under each speaker, with the spikes resting in the Pros. I have my Eggleston Andras floated that way, and the difference in clarity is extraordinary. Yes, it costs more. I don't know how much--I understand the price of the Pros has dropped recently.