Polycarbonate Disc Bliss: The CD is alive and well

Despite what the audio press would have us believe, a very large number of enthusiasts still enjoy our CDs.

I would like like to start a list of EXCEPTIONALLY good sounding CDs for our fellow music lovers to seek out and enjoy. Here are a few, in no particular order, to begin:

1. Patricia Barber MSFL Cafe Blue;
2. Pretenders Isle of View;
3. All Prof. Johnson Reference Recordings;
4. Donald Fagan Morph The Cat
Please share more!
African Head Charge - Songs Of Praise
Clock DVA - Advantage
Jorge Reyes & Suso Saiz - Crónica De Castas
Ahmad Jamal, "Blue Moon" was referred to me a few years ago. I still use the song "Morning Mist" as a reference to evaluate equipment.
I found a couple of artists in Tidal’s Folk/Americana genre that I think are pretty good sonically and musically:

Chelsea Williams - Boomerang
Robert Francis - Indian Summer

These are not what most people consider folk music. Both are pretty electronic. I’d call them 21st century singer/songwriter. Definitely worth checking out if you can stream them to see if they’re your cup of tea.

Linda Ronstadt - Hummin’ to Myself

Linda’s second to last album. Great American Songbook with a small jazz band. Most like Diana Krall’s earlier stuff. Not a whiff of country or rock on it, but if you like Linda’s voice, she gives it a pretty good workout here and it hasn’t lost any of its greatness at this point.
Elton John, Tumbleweed Connection, - The Classic Years
Includes the original version of "Madman Across the Water"


Alan Pasqua et al - The Antisocial Club

Allen Toussaint - The Bright Mississippi

Andy Summers - The Last Dance of Mr. X
I love CDs! Love this thread. @tomcy6 take your tidal recos elsewhere! :)  I do find CDs sound better than Tidal if using comparable DACs. 

Anyway some of my faves for depth and detail:

David Bowie - Blackstar
Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
Phil Collins - Face Value
Bon Iver - Bon Iver
Ibeyi - Ash

leemaze, They're all available on cd.  Tidal is a great way to find music that you would never hear otherwise.  Then you can decide if one or two listens is enough or if you need to buy the cd.
Stevie ray Vaughan / Couldn't stand the weather
Donald Fagan / the nightfly
Katie Meula / piece by piece
Al Kooper Steve Stills Mike Bloomfield /supersessions
Awesome suggestions everyone! I’m hunting them down on eBay as we speak. 

I’ll add:

1000 Maniacs MTV Live Unplugged 
Nirvana MTV Live Unplugged 
John McEuen Made in Brooklyn 
Clapton MTV Live Unplugged
DSOTM remastered
Amused to Death (especially the Blue Ray version)
All six studio Dire Straits albums
Patricia Barber UN- Mastered Cafe Blue SACD
The Wall
+1 Nirvana MTV Unplugged
Mark Knopfler Shangri-La (import, SACD)

Black Sabbath Paranoid (remastered)
AC/DC Hell's Bells (remastered)
Cat Stevens Tea For The Tillerman
The Cult Pure Cult

PS- The DSOTM (remastered) version referenced above is SACD
John Fogerty Hot Rod Heart

Eleanor McEvoy - Yola
Sara K - Made In Shade, Hell Or High Water
Chris Jones - Roadhouses and Automobiles, Moonstruck & No Looking Back(double CD)
James Taylor - JT, Hourglass (both SACD)
Best Of Chris Issak
Eric Clapton - CrossRoads
Steely Dan - Aja, Gaucho (both SACD)
Hem - No Word from Tom
Lizz Wright - Dreaming Wide Awake, Grace
Cassandra Wilson - Blue Light Tll Dawn, New Moon Daughter
Jennifer Warnes - The Well (SACD), The Hunter (Gold CD)
Linda Ronstadt - MoFi CDs
Alison Krauss - New Favorite (SACD)
Big Joe Mahar - Mojo

+many more. I ran out of patience, typing. CDs are awesome, despite what people make them out to be. LPs were not great when they came out, I believe. They reached certain tech to make them sound as good as they are. CDs are reaching there, much faster with the newer DACs and improvements.

A totally different recommendation, if you like New Orleans Jazz - "Louis Ford and His New Orleans Flairs - Vintage Jazz". Very live!
+1 Chris Isaak
Dave Koz Greatest Hits
Simple Minds Glittering Prize 81/92
Encomium, A tribute to Led Zeppelin
John Fogerty Blue Moon Swamp
Any Diana Krall...
Any Patricia Barber...
I own several, but honestly don't enjoy listening to either artist for any length of time, but they sound lovely!!!

Since you mentioned The Eagles, the title track for Long Road out of Eden is produced very well. 

You Don't Know Nothing - Frank Bey with the Anthony Paule Band

A live recording of Soul and Blues that captures the live feel and has very good sound quality too. A really nice cd.
Andreas Vollenweider Down To The Moon
The Beach Boys That's Why God Made The Radio
John Fogerty Premonition
James Taylor Best Live
Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire V
Paul Simon Graceland
Norah Jones Come Away With Me
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
Prince & The Revolution Purple Rain
Roger Waters The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking
The Rippington's Moonlighting
Sting Songs From The Labyrinth
Shelby Lynne Just A Little Lovin'
Talking Heads Little Creatures
Vince Gill High Lonesome Sound
Weather Report Heavy Weather
Supertramp Crime Of The Century
The Rolling Stones Stripped
The Rolling Stones Jump Back Best Of 71/93
Steve Miller Band Book Of Dreams
Spandau Ballet True
Fleetwood Mac - The Dance
Chris Cornell - Songbook
Alice in Chains - MTV Unplugged
+1 Fleetwood Mac The Dance, especially the last track Don't Stop. Backed by the USC Trojan marching band.