Polling MagnePan Users - Using a SubWoofer?

Got my 20.7's last year; awesome speakers and almost near perfect in every way...do wish that they had that last little bit of 'thump' in the midbass and bass...

Has anyone tried the big Paradigm sub-woofers, either the Sub 1 or Sub 2 with their 20's or 3.7's? Wondering how successful that pairing turned out to be?
No sub is going to integrate with those panels because magnepans are very quick.having said that the only sub I would use is a REL. Not a new one, an older Britiania series like a B2,or B3. Direct connection from your amps will make integration possible. Dam that would be an awesome system Maggies and a REL B2!
That's not what Maggie's do and a sub won't help. Enjoy them for what they are.
Stickman, I'll trade you my 3.7s and 2 subs for your 20.7's. :)
I use Rythmiks with my MMGs and they integrate seamlessly - as in I can't detect the handoff. I do use Audyssey in my system, which probably accounts for much of that success.
For 10 years I ran a Vandersteen 2Wq with my 1.6s. I thought it was a terrific match, but I'm not a fiend for bass. It just provided that fundamental bottom end foundation the Maggie's couldn't produce. When properly set up, there was no sense of a seperate, unintegrated sub.
Hi Stickman,

Take a look at my archived GON reviews on the Martin Logan Depth i Subwoofers,built to work with planar speakers, and the MyeSound stands. The ML worked beautifully with my tricked out MG-20's. You have no idea how much more your 20.7's have to give until you get rid of those rat ass footers and place them on MyeSound stands.
I used to use a Final 3000 sub with my 3.6's but since I got my Berning ZH-270 amps I have no need for a sub
I've been using a Paradigm Seismic 10 with a Paradigm X-30 crossover with excellent results.

I had originally bought this combo for my Martin Logan CLSIIA's, but when I switched back to my Magnepan MG3.6s, I really didn't think it would work very well. Boy was I wrong. This little puppy is super fast and super tight and super powerful.

It worked fantastic my the Martin Logans and works just as well with the Maggies. I do want to try one or two of the new Magnepan DWM woofers to see how they sound. That's my next project...
Stickman, a word of caution. It can be tricky using Rel Subs with your Cary;s. Talk to Cary before you do this. I;d also suggest you keep your eyes open for Cary 500.1s. Control of lower frequencies is much better. You may decide you don't really need a sub.
Subs will not give you mid bass and/or low bass “thump” as they are designed to offer low frequency foundation. I would hire an acoustic engineer to review your room’s acoustic properties before investing one additional cent. I would hazard a guess that your room is at fault and can be rectified with acoustic treatments.
I used to use a Vandy 2Wq with my Maggie SMG-A's and I thought it did an excellent job. When I replaced the SMG-A's with MG-12's, I felt that they did well enough that I sold the 2Wq.

It wasn't until I started experimenting with speaker placement that I realized the bass potential of the Maggies. Once I got them out away from the wall about 5 feet, everything came into focus and the bass was greatly improved. I would suggest you experiment with placement before you go the subwoofer route.

I changed from an older Paradigm servo 15 to a pair of SVS SB-13 Ultras for my Maggie 1.7s. I crossed them over at 40 HZ, per SVS's recommendation. At first I ran them mono, also a factory recommendation. However, when I changed them to stereo, everything sounded much more natural and the image improved. I use an Antimode on each sub, and I would encourage everyone to try one. I run the Maggies with Parasound Halo amps, and all that power makes for an effortless sound. Those Halos made my previous amp, a Cambridge Audio, sound stuffy and basically unlistenable. Even my wife agreed! I got a bit off topic, but as mentioned above, the amp can make a big difference on the sound of the speaker.
My room is PERFECT... it was custom built and is just right...17.5w x 26L x 9h; 20.7's sit approx 6 ft into the room...

I think a subwoofer can add 'foundation' to the musical presentation and imparts a feeling or sensation of power (thump) to the sound, it can also open-up the sound stage, make it wider and deeper.... the trick is finding a sub woofer that is actually fast enough to keep up with the Magnepans and one that will integrate so that it doesn't impede on the Maggies mid-range transparency...

Wondering if anyone has actually used a Pardigm with their 20.7's or 3.7's?
Mofimadess, if you ever try the Magnepan woofer panels please let me know.... I discussed that option with Wendell but he was very evasive and non-committal on what impact they might have... I guess it is hard for a manufacturer to admit that their flagship speaker might actually be improved by adding a subwoofer or woofer panel, not sure...
Teajay, thanks, I will read that. I have considered the Mye Stands but right now I actually have a second pair of speakers in my room and it is so convenient to be able to just slide the 20.7's to the side when I switch over to my KHorns.... the new oval bases on the 20's make it much easier to slide the Maggies around...
As long as its done well, why not? I had Maggies for years and they were at their best when a decent sub was integrated well. Same true whenever I visit my local Maggie dealer. His systems always sounds good and he is not afraid to use a sub with Maggies when needed.

What it takes to do it well can vary. Room and acoustics play a big part.
You might also consider Gallo TR1D subs. They are solid to around 25hz in my room and very easy to integrate. These are way better than any of my previous subs including REL.

The cabinet is a sealed design, round and metal, very compact, aluminum cone, and a 200 watt amp. No slow ponderous bass to be found.