Poll.....what size is your room?

Just curious to see what the overall average size of a Audiohile room is by sharing what we have. I will soon be moving into a 13.6 X 23.6 room so I have been thinking of room's alot lately, thanks for sharing.
I don't know where you guys find these massive rooms. My HOUSE footprint is not much larger than that room of yours.

My hifi sits in a ten by ten room.
My room is 15X19, and it is in a "L" shape - ceiling is 12f. Two doors ,one window, one bar, one sofa, one goal:
MUSIC & COMPLETE STATE OF RELAXATION after a day of hard work.
Congratulations! On a fine sized room. My listening area which encompasses the dining room and living room is 30 X 38. I have cathederal ceilings in 3/4 of the area. I'm certain that you'll be extremely pleased with your new enviroment!
12 x 11.
I got a room in the basement for my own. 16' x 20' but a very short ceiling ranging from 6' to 7'.
23 x 19 x 8
14'8" x 27'6" x 8'
I built a dedicated music studio onto my home which is 19'X 29' with 10' walls rising to 14' cathedral ceiling.
Any room that is just for audio is a great room, my rooms largest issue is it is only 6' 9" high, just thought it would be a cool thread to share, cheers
20' * 13'6". Its above the garage and got 8' ceiling with the roof impending the ceiling edges in at about 45 degrees (along the 20' direction)
Impossible to say .The speakers are set 8 ft forward but adjacent to a large alcove at least 20ft wall to wall. Then a pinch to 12 ft wide.This where I sit then another alcove and an open pasage to a small room, The legth is the entire length of the house approximately 40 feet total but it is only seven fee tall if that high. I have a hung cieling its which just so happens to absorb sound. You guessed it it is he basement yes this a was WAF driven decision it wastooloud and those black speakers have to go I want maple. Room treatments are generally not needed because there is so much stuff to difuse the sound. 3 fabric couches, a fabric chair, an ton of baby and kid clothe,snd a depressing scattering of various pieces of audio gear that is in disrepiar.
"Rockin in the real world" with a SP6B and CYBER 800 MONO blocks BY Opera Consonance.Can't clip them.
Warning threadjack!
My wife claims that she like to listen at levels below the anbient noise. I close that door and when I am in the mood I crank it using 104 db/W//4ft La Scalas Or old jbls with the 090 drriver set. (In Paralle) with my old pal TRELJA But 110 DB does kind of hurt.Unbelievable but true I have listened to music loudly for the last 43years and the audiologists are tell me that my hearing is exquisitely sensatiuve.
12' X 12'6" Yes nearly square so acoustic treatments were necessary. Absolutely love what I'm hearing in this small room.
25 X 12
15'x20' with 9.5' ceiling.

Speakers on the short wall.

John C.
14 x 13 x 7.5. I used to want it bigger but now I think this one is just right.
My room is 25'x 23'x 9'....speakers are setup using the CARDAS setup method for dipoles.

My room is in the basement of My home it is 16.4 wide and 23 feet long the ceiling 7 foot 6 inch high. Speakers on short wall bass traps in every corner traps at first reflection points traps and at center of front and back wall and one other trap on the wall . I also filled the space between rafters with fiberglass 10 inch thick and covered the ceiling with fabric room sounds great. The walls have 6 inch fiberglass insulation , new electrical lines for stereo no video in room but a lot of records. Marc
My room is 13'.6 X 22' w/8' ceiling. I sometimes wish it was a little wider but such is life.
27 by 25 by 9, which is too square by far but fortunately 6 foot is only 17 feet wide and another 10 foot is 21 feet wide. So think a large roughly 26 foot square room with an inward corner jutting into the room 6 feet on one side and 10 feet on the other.
Your a entering a danageous time in your life, changing room size could be like changing your significant other. You will be hearing many strange sounds from the system that you felt was just perfect. Best you lock up your wallet until you tweak the room, for many many, months. My best advice is the 'rule of thirds', and 'halfs'.
I know its kind of scary to think of what may be in store but the excitement and knowing I have my own space to tweak at will far outways any nervous twitches. There are some big rooms here that only make me wonder how big the rest of the homes are. Thanks for playing along in my post!
23.5' W X 11.75' L X 10'(w/ 14' peak) H
23' x 13' x 8' with two openings to hallways.
Yes Rushton, some rooms are better then the others but unfortunately most of us can't have a room with a preferred dimensions. I can imagine frustration that some fellow audiophiles must feel ..... and question their system's integrity and accuracy. All I can say is.... do not get paranoid or obsessed about it. Yes it is a important to have a good acoustics and some problems can be fixed or greatly reduced with a help of a professional or acoustic treatment. With a some research, reading related materials and a carefully though out design,...good results can be achieved.
My room was (and still is) difficult and challenging like any other room that most audiophiles have to deal with. Some problems were reduced with some small room dimensions changes. The other problems were address with acoustic treatments and natural materials. Vandersteen Quatro's bass EQ also helped. And those anomalies that were absolutely impossible to corrected with a common techniques were corrected with TacT 2.0 S preamp/acoustic room correction - processor. System is divided to analog and digital. Analog isn't getting any EQ (TecT) treatment for the obvious reasons. So far I am pretty satisfy with the outcome. The only thing that I would like to try is a Rives - analog room correction processor.
25 x 15 x 10 but if I don't stop buying different equipment it will be 4 x 4 x 4 the dog house.
Cool Faziod, can you say NEAR FIELD SYSTEM? :)
Judging from the posts thus far, this group is blessed with some great listening rooms.

Many are large enough to support almost any speaker made.
Near Field system not the problem, fitting in my 60 inch TV keeps me up at night.
15'x17'x10' with the system on the long wall setup. it's a tad too small for my dB99 speakers, but i'm planning on selling the house and buying a new house sometime next year...i hope.
Hi Mrjstark, I agree that most of us, including me, work within the limitations of the rooms we have. What I find most interesting is how we each address those challenges. Thanks for sharing some of the things you've done.
Congrats on the new room Chad...always exciting for an audiophile to get into a room, where the WAF is not more important than acoustics.

You should do well in this room with a little tweaking. Looking at the pics of your old room, I'd say nothing short of a huge sound makeover is in the making, once you can pull those big VMPS well out into the room! (and of course...put the sweet-seat, where it truly is sweet).

Thanks Dave, its gonna be fun!

11'3" x 23' x 8' here with paneling over studs on the walls with a plaster ceiling. Set up on the long wall.