Poll:Upgrading Equip. Internals vs. IC's/SC's/PC's

I would love to get peoples comments as to which upgrade has made a bigger difference (costs relatively the same):

A) Upgrading the internals of your audio equipment (i.e. places like Parts Connextion, TRL, or other modding companies, DIY upgrading caps & resistors)

B) Upgrading IC's, SC's, PC's

For me, I started out with Monster IC's and SC's and the stock PC's that came with my audio gear. I upgraded to what I have now: Ridge Street Audio Poeima! IC's and Concierto Violin IC's, NBS Master III SC and Electraglide PC's. Safe to say I spent at least $1000.

I recently upgraded my speaker crossover networks with high quality capacitors and resistors for $100.

For me, the $100 I spent upgrading the speaker crossover networks was the best upgrade with the most audible difference.

What are your experiences?