Poll? Seperates or 2ch. tube for better stereo...

I own an older b&k avr 202, paradigm studio 100's, sunfire true sub, studio cc, and mini monitors for rears.

What I want- to be able to put it in stero, sit back and enjoy without thinking about how it could be better. The sound is mostly flat, no bass through the 100's, and just plain boring.

I am considering two things-

1) I like the VTL IT-85. I think this tube integrated would give me the 2 channel performance I need, and has a processor loop that will allow me to use the same speakers for hometheater and 2 channel. Seems like the best of both worlds to me!


2) Upgrade to a larger SS amp and possibly a processor down the road.

I will demo both options and will post back with my findings. Until then, what do you think??
Demo - great. Buy? Not yet I think, unless you have worked extensively on system set up. What you describe as lacking is suggestive to me of inadequate attention to speaker/listening position placement and appropriate room treatment.
The 202 can be a great pre-amp. Try borring an amp from someone and see if that does it?
My recommendation would be to use a Jolida Tube integrated on top, like the JS502b or 801, and go pre-out from there to another bass amp(Parasound's make excellent bass amps) for the bass terminals on those speakers, and biamp em!!!
You'll get superb top end for little, and superb dynamic bass! You can loop any pre through this setup. good luck