Polk SDA SRS 2.3 Speakers: Any thoughts on them?

I have an opportunity to buy a pair of these monster floor
model speakers from a re-seller for around $850. Was wondering if anyone has or had a pair of these and could pass along their experience with them.
Mirage M3 Si for around same price is much better speaker overall.
Agree with Mejames.
I never liked the Polk SDA speakers on the numerous occasions when I heard them at a local dealer, they were always "dark", muddy sounding and too thick in the bass. I know some members here have gotten them to sing (you might check the best speakers threads, I think I saw someone there who has them and loves them), but I never could understand why anyone thought they were that good. There are a lot of speakers, such as the Mirages mentioned above, that I would call better buys.
I have a pair of these for sale at alot less than you would be paying. Check the ads!