Polk SDA Speaker info needed...

I've got some older Polk SDA 1A dimensional array speakers and people are telling me that the sound is much better when you use the cable that connects the two speakers together. Can anyone varify this and also tell me how I might hook mine up just for a listen without having the polk cable? Thanks..
I use to own a large pair of the Polk speakers (I forget the model number). They do sound better when they interface with each other. The ends that connect into the speaker are specialized and you must purchase them in order to run a cable between the speakers. You could call the Polk service department for the necessary information.
Sometime back I had a pair of similar speakers and they do need to be connected between the two speakers through an "umbilical cable" which was quite ordinary wire but with special plugs. On a temporary basis, you should be able use 18 guage wire to which you can tin the ends with solder to fatten them to the approximate size of the connector at the speaker end and help secure it with some tape. If you're unable to find the plugs, you can figure out how best to secure your connection more permanently with a more sophisticated tape application. For my own needs, I needed to extend the original cable and did so by adding wire in this fashion. Good luck.
The "SDA" part of those speakers designs only worked with the cable connected. If you don't use it, you'll have at least 2 drivers per speaker NOT working.
You asked the same questions and received the same answers on the Polk site. What, do you think they don't know what they are talking about??? Buy the damn cable from Polk, it's only about $40.00 and if you ever sell the speakers it will make the sale much easier.

BTW, songwriter is correct, you're not even using all the drivers without the interconnect cable, just image how much better they will sound with all the drivers working!!!
I've got to laugh at myself.....wrote image instead of imagine. Could have been because I had thoughts of that magic SDA imaging in mind, could have been something else.

I had to borrow this....for you Tic, "Even though it came from the horse's mouth, I didn't like the answer, so I asked a goat."
Not one response on the Polk site was even half as insightful or helpful as that from Jimjenjr.
The Polk forum was not helpful or insighful....that would be a new one. Perhaps you should post your original threads TIC, and clarify that statement. If you would like to start an agenda, please provide the facts at the very least.
I too am looking for that cable. There is a bit of information on how to upgrade that cable at this link http://www.polkaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47379 but from what ive seen its too difficult to make. It looks like it is a small headphone style plug on the top and something else on the bottom (could be wrong). Without at least the plugs it will be hard to Frankenstein something together. im just going to buy it (if i can).
You do need that cable (called interconnect cable) connected or the legendary 'SDA' wont wonk. I suggest you read up on SDA here in the manual http://www.polksda.com/pdfs/SDA1C.pdf Its very interesting but unfortunately right now all i can do is read about it and not hear it.
Carver C-9 sonic hologram generator will do the same thing if you can't find the cable. It cancells interaural crosstalk. Try to get the cables. BTW speaker placement is very important. It's not for everyone, but I was addicted to it for years. Good luck.
The plug is a Cinch or Jones plug. Radio Shack had them (cat#274-001) or they are online. You need the two conductor version as they have them in 2,4,6,8,10 and so on. Then just solder two conductor (speaker) wire to each of the connectors and plug it in!

Here ya go $2.65 each: http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/CINCH-P-302-CCT-/P-302-CCT

Yup, i WAS wrong. The interconnect cable is nothing crazy like i thought. it seems to just be speaker wire with crazy connectors. I assumed it was much more due to the strange connectors but its not. I just pushed in some wire for my SDA CRS's for now and WOW what a difference. Ill need to start a whole different discussion about how amazing these things are! this technology is incredible!
be advised that there is actually 2 different interconnect cables that i know of (for different SDA's). One is two 'posts' and one has a post and a pin (like mine). Im sure they are both the same thing but the updated post-pin version was probably so they wires weren't crossed.
I strongly suggest you get these working with the cable. and if you dont want to bother sell them to me!