Polk LSIM707 for 2k?

Polk has an email discount of 50% off LSIM models currently.  I am thinking of getting the LSIM 707s for 2K.  Any opinions on how good a deal that would actually be?  I have a large room that can accommodate them.  They would be used for music only.
It's a great deal.  I got the Lsim705 for $1500 a pair the last time they did the 50% off sale.   The Lsim 707 would have been a little too large for my room.

Full disclosure:  Prior to the Lsim705, I owned the Polk LS90 and the Polk Lsi15.

Just curious, if you're into Polk (nothing wrong there), why not check out the GoldenEar line or products?
Love Polk, I would go for it Great pricing, saw the e-mail as well.