Polk LSi9...good integrated amp to drive these???

I'm purchasing a pair of Polk Audio LSi9 speakers and noticed that they need an amp that can drive 4 ohm speakers. Give me your favorite integrated amps for a job like this...both tube and SS under $1,500....thanks!
the usual suspects..'sort of' in this order... naim nait 5, creek 5350, cyrus 8, revox s25
Check out Cayin. Fantastic build quality and sound to match. One of the biggest bargains in audio.
I used a Classe Cap-151 with my LSi-15s with good results. But there are so many decent amps to chose from; afraid you're going to jump in and try a few.
The reviews I've been reading on these speakers are basically saying that since the speakers weigh in at 4 ohms, you need a good bit of power for bi-amping. I've never bi-amped before, so I'm counting on you pros to help me select an integrated amp that will run these guys at full-speed....
The DK Design or Krell 400XI would push those well also. The DK has a little more control over a tougher load even though the krell has a higher wattage rating. Both of those amps used are in your price range.

Anyone with an idea if Harmon Kardon 3840, a stereo receiver, would drive the 4 ohm lsi?

Well Hello!

I use to own a pair of Polk Audio LSi9's the only reason I sold them was for space. If anybody tells you those speakers are mid-fi tell em to check their ears at the door! What an underrated speaker; they really beat the tar out of some higher priced 'highend' stuff I heard at CES.

I went from using a NAD 320BEE to a SimAudio I-5080 and later on moved to the Krell 400xi. I found the Krell was by far the best, even out of the box the Krell gave me goosebumps! I don't get goosebumps much anymore. I'm not sure what kind of music you listen to. If you prefer Jazz a SimAudio might give you a little bit of a more organic sound but if you're like me and listen to alot of everything then check out the Krell 400xi used.

Speaking with Timhr, I almost opted for a Classe' CAP 151 instead of the Krell; I'm sure both would be close. A SimAudio i-5 would work as well; although I found the SimAudio to sound too flat for the already very laid back LSi presentation.

Enjoy whatever it is you purchase!
i have this pair for several month, driven by NAD 370, which is a power monster. I love the sound from these speakers. The symphonies are powerful and it has visible soundstage. you can tell the position of every players. However, bass is a little bit more than i expected.
I have a pair of lsi9 powered by an Accuphase E-202, The Accuphase did a better job than the nads,Forte stuff, I owned.
The Polk's responded VERY well with a Yamaha ca-800 amp too.(only the 00 Yamaha's are REALLY good)

But the Accuphase is really in its own league IMO. When I first hooked it up, the detail through the Polk's was much better and there was more flesh on the bones of the music,
But most notable were the transients, WOW is the word. I guess you could say the Accuphase "owns" the Polks and that's a good thing. Those Polks seem to only like certain amps, that's been my experience.
I'm using a PS Audio Trio C-100 ICEpower integrated amp with my LSi9's in the living room. My previous setup was a Transcendent Grounded Grid tube preamp with a gainclone amp. That setup sounds better to me at lower volume than the C-100. I live in an apartment so this is important. At those times when I can increase the sound level, the C-100 sounds nice and the remote control is convenient.
I own these, Currently using a Krell KAV-500. They sound great, I don't see myself ever upgrading these speakers unless I move into a large house and go with floor standing speakers. I had the LSI9 hooked up to a Mark Levinson 23.5 and I found myself stuck in the sweet spot for days. Go with Krell, Pass, or Levinson and you will be glad you didn't buy a more expensive speaker.