Polk LSI15's to Salk Song Towers

I currently have the Polk LSI15's, but I'm comptemplating replacing them with Salk Song Towers. I'm not sure if this is a lateral move or will the Song Towers provide a significant improvement over the LSI15's. If not, I will hold out until I can purchase the HTL-1's or a used pair of Hyperion 638's. My system comprises an Odyssey stratos, AVA Ultra SL premap, AVA insight DAC and an OPPO 980H. Thanks for your feedback.
Is it?
I thought all Salk speakers are in different leagues from those mass produced speakers at similar price range.
Only if you believe the hype.

Don't get me wrong, the Songtower's are excellent speakers. Having ran them for a few months, it is easy to understand why so many people dig on them. But, are they 'leagues' beyond 'mainstream' competitors? Absolutely not.

To the original poster: the Polk LSi-15's are pretty solid speakers, especially when you consider their age and price. That said, I'd rate the SongTower's as half a step above them in overall performance. While the SongTower's wont sound as warm as the LSi-15's, nor will they dig as deep or hit as hard.. they will sound a lot cleaner and more balanced from top to bottom. Plus, they won't require he-man amps to sing well.

Unfortunately, I have zero experience with Hyperion, so I have zero input there.
A passion: What are you looking for in an upgrade? What don't you like about the Polks? How large is your room, and is it a "live" or "dead" sounding room?

I have a front end similar to yours (Odyssey amps, tube pre, high quality DAC with inexepnsive transport). I upgraded my speakers recently.

Let me know what you're looking for and I will try to help. I have no experience with the Salks, but I have heard the LSi line of Polk.
Upgrading the LSi15's crossovers would yield a significant increase in performance.