POLK LSI 15 Vs Decware 1.5 Speakers

I am near a decision to replace my aging Polk SDA 1Bs with the LSIs. I like the resolution and sound of the SDAs but their much to big for the size room I have them in. I recently have been reading about the Decware 1.5 speakers. Has anyone actually listened to them, owned the Decwares. Wondering about the pros/cons of these. Any opinions? Using a CJ12L Pre, Denon power amp (150W/channel/8 ohm), Onix-88 CDP. Thanks, Dave
I feel The Polk Audido LSi 15 are your best bet. First of all, have a look at this great Audiogon thread on the LSi 15.


I have a friend that owns the Decware speakers. I did have an extensive listening session with them. In all fairness, they were not driven with the Pass-designed amplifier, but by a not-too-shabby Sim Audio P-5 and W-5 combo - overkill for these speakers.

How could I put this - they are soundstaging champs, but I am not sure that they portray a lifelike photo of the recording. Sound does come at you in many directions, but that is I think part of the problem with this type of design. It creates a spectacular experience - but after awhile, there is confusion trying to make out what is really happening here.

Two areas I found as weaker points were the bass reproduction, and the rightness of the sound or (timbre?). You know, that quality where you can hear the difference between a nylon and a steel sting on an un-amplified guitar ?

They do sound nice however, and should please many listeners, and ARE a good deal generally speaking. But for me, with the LSi 15 package, and especially that incredible Ring Radiator tweeter, the Polk's perform so much higher than their price point suggest, that for me anyways, they are a no-brainer. They do have flaws, but so do 3K speakers, the real competitors to the LSi 15 once everything is taken into perspective.

Good luck in your choices !
Audiokicks, thanks much! Excellent link with good info. I'm going to go out and test drive the LSIs again this weekend. Dave
I'm waiting for Polk Audio's new series to come out in a year or two from now.
You can be almost certain that this time, they will price any LSi replacement on it's TRUE value, meaning a multiple or current pricing. The LSi series just made the point that once Mathew Polk puts his energy and considerable access to technologies and good design, they can produce a speaker that will hold it's own with anything up to and above it's price point, and maybe even smoke a few boutique-brands in the process. Hope prices stay affordable. But then again it would not be Polk if their products became high-priced woul it? Nevertheless, these LSi series gems are a steal on the used market, heck, even at full retail.