Polk L100s - tube integrated recommendation


I have the L100s and very much enjoy them with SS. After 30years of SS I want to try tubes and of my 4 speakers sets I want to try the L100s with tubes.

Ken (Stereophile reviewer) wrote about how well the Cary SLI80HS works with the L100s, however, since this will be my entry into tubes I want to try something a little more affordable (<$3000 new). Can anyone suggest FROM EXPERIENCE a tube integrated that work well? Thanks.


I had the Cronus Magnum 1 integrated and did not like the presentation with the supplied KT120 tubes.  There always seemed to be a little almost inaudible hash to the sound I did not like.

Thanks stereo5...consideration noted. Looking through some articles on the CM, I do think it has potential with the Polk L100s. I'm hoping others can weigh in on other experienced based options.

You really need to share what improvements/sound characteristics you’re looking for with switching to a tube integrated as their sound characteristics vary greatly.  Also, would you be open to a hybrid tube/SS design or do you want a pure tube amp?

Thanks donvito and soix.

Soix - my L100s and Quad 99pre/909 amps sound very good as mentioned above. I'm happy with them. I'm experimenting with tubes so I can't say I'm looking for an improvement but rather a very good experience of what tubes give in terms of audio playback. Things I enjoy in music played through audio equipment are natural tones, clean but not rigid bass and instruments, free of glare and/or hardness. Enjoyable, fun and not fatiguing.

I would be open to a hybrid tube/ss if it gave me the above. I can tell you I've tried a pure class d amp (from NAD) and it didn't suit my tastes. So tubes + class D may not work for me but who knows...I'm experimenting.