For second system looking at Infinity rs 5001 with emit tweeter, klipsch kg 4, Boston acoustic t 930 II, and entry level polk monitor/sds series from 80s, and JBL L-3 ...any clear cut winners?
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I would include Snell, Mirage, and ADS from that time frame also.

I owned kg4 before and liked them very much. They are very efficient, play loud, have good extended bass and easy to place. They look good too with real wood vener. However they are somewhat large and heavy so shipping might be expensive.
Also, consider the Klipsch Forte.
i replaced many speakers, cdm9ts,paradigm moniter 20s.vanders.2cs maggies mg1s(all great sounding) to get THE sound from a $150 pair of kg4s Good Luck
I can only comment on the kg4. I have a pair and I think they are wonderful. They are in a second system used for passive/background listening. For this kind of set up just through them in corners and enjoy. They sound great at a whisper and when they are cranked up.

I've got their big brother, the Forte's, also. Now if you want the audio tricks we all love like soundstage and imaging I believe careful set up and corners are very important. They are both outstanding speakers for what they go for on the pre owned market. Good luck in your search.


I second the opinion that you should include ADS in your list. The ADS L-710s, 810s, and 910s were fantastically good speakers and will hold their own even today.

And, it's your lucky day - there are a pair of 710s and 810s on A'gon right now. The 810s are ridiculously low-priced and the 710s look to be in superb condition, albeit more expensive than the 810s. Me, I'd buy the 710s - they are some of the nicest speakers I've ever heard.

If you have the money, I'd suggest buying them both and then keep the ones you like best...

Stay away from the Boston T830's930' They have a congested sound♫
Klipsch Forte's or Quartet's. Great bass extension,very efficient,play loud and clear. Mates well with 25w tubes or 200w SS. Good resale value.