Polk Audio XM Radio Reciever A Winner

I just received the new Polk XM radio receiver. I planned a series of a/b listening tests with my old XM radio. It only took about 10 seconds of listening to realize how much the sound quality improved. Highly recommended. It is not quite cd quality but far better than the standard fare. FYI my system is Rotel preamp, Adcom mono blocks and Magnepan 1.6s.
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This XM tuner has my interest as well,couple questions to start.
Have or are you using the digital out to a outboard DAC?
Did you find a good deal on it?
Hows the remote and control feature set,easy operation?
Thankyou in advance.
hey i just checked xm's website and they have a complete lowdown on the polk reciever. complete with the download for the owners manual. i guess its going around 299.99 which is kind of pricy but concidering that i bought my orignal skyfi reciever in early late 2002 for about 260.00 total. i think. so its not that bad. also makes mention of xm broadcasting in surround sound maybe. won't say if they are doing it or not. Hey they can keep the surround sound thing just give me a good stereo mix and im happy. but check it out.

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I Heard that Krell is also planning an XM Radio tuner. Seems to be becoming more popular.
I have the Polk XM radio receiver in my system hooked up via RCA digital output to my NorthStar 192 DAC. The sonics are very good, but the seemingly endless choices of commercial free music stations is exceptional. Great component.
I just ordered mine today and I can't wait for it to arrive!! I occasionally listened to the Delphi SkyFi unit connected via a mini-jack to RCA into my preamp. The sound was just okay at best, but probably better than FM. The SkyFi had a cheap DAC and no digital output (although I did see somebody offering a modified SkyFi unit on Audiogn with a digital output). The new Polk XM receiver has both Toslink and coaxial digital outputs. I can't wait to try it with my Levinson 360s DAC. I'll post a review when the unit arrives and I get a listen. I hope the sound is better than the digital stream I get from my digital cable TV provider (Time Warner Cable). They offer Music Choice which has great music programming and a huge variety, but the PCM stream is far from CD quality, although again probably better than FM.