Polk Audio Speakers

I just wanted to thank those who offered advice on my search for the next great Polk Audio speaker. I will definitely give the LSi15s, SDA TL and RT20s consideration. I initially dismissed any new Polks, as I noticed that they went the mass production route and started selling them at warehouse stores like Best Buy. However, I will venture over for a listen, unless the LSi15s are only available at the high end stores. I've noticed that some companies have moved in this type of split direction with their audio equipment, so I'll research the Polk site and gain more information. Thanks again for the advice!
I also have noticed a number of audiophile speaker brands unexpectedly appearing in mass market outlets, although Polk has been doing this for many years. Generally, the lines in the mass market stores do not seem to be the same as the audiophile lines. This does not necessarily mean that the speakers may not be decent. Even if the mass market lines use cheaper parts so that they can meet the price point, they still have the advantage of the engineering expertise that went into the development of the upscale lines. Through a trickle down effect of this expertise and development, the mass market lines may be pretty good. Good engineering can compensate for less expensive parts to an extent. Dunlavy was well known for making very good speakers with ordinary parts.
The LSi series is available at the local Fry's Electronics. If you have a Fry's check them out but be advised they won't be auditioned in optimum conditions.