Polk Audio SDA 2 question

I have a chance to grab a pair of these in walnut. I would be connecting them to an Arcam a65 plus integrated amp..Any thoughts? I have never heard these but the price/condition is right and have read great things about them..any thoughts on the SDA'S?
I'd recommend against the SDAs. Speaker technology has come a long way since they were designed, and you can do a LOT better, unless they are super-cheap. The SDAs have a typical "saddle" shaped response curve, with exaggerated bass and exaggerated upper midrange. This makes them sound "exciting" for demos. They might be okay for home theater use, but they are far from accurate for music.
I think someone (Ferrari?) posted a review of them a while back.
they are classics for sure.
I agree with Irvrobinson, when I listened to them way back they sounded too bass heavy and muddy in that area for my taste at the two dealers where I heard them. They do have their admirers, though, so my experience might not be the same as yours. I would, however, try to hear them before buying them, as they do have a distinct sonic signature that may or may not be to your liking.
By the way, if you couldn't find Ferrari's review, he said used an NAD 3020 amp (20 watts) to power them to good effect, said they did not need a lot of power at all.
I would recommend caution in purchasing SDA 2s! The cable that connects the right and left speaker to create the "SDA Effect" made my Denon POA 1500 amp oscillate. This resulted in nasty sounds and my returning the SDAs to the dealer. The SDA effect attracts at first but becomes tiresome.
Wasn't the Carver Sonic Hologram the same thing at the preamp level?

I remember talk of 'interaural crosstalk delay' and all that stuff.

I'd keep away from the SDAs, unless they I could audition them 1st.....and probably for a least a couple days.