Polk Audio RT2000p or LSi 25's--- WHO CARES ???

It's absolutely amazing how my question previously asked could garner approximately 100 hits and each one of those hits were from signed up members who couldn't care less about helping me with my query.
If the moderators do publish this then they realize that there are a handful of their paid membership that do nothing but control this website to their liking. I will be unsubscribing if this is not published and if the members do get to see my opinion I'm sure their are many of us who feel the same way.
Actually, the second sentence should have read "Nowhere in our right to free speech does it give the author of this thread the right to demand a response from this site's members."
Firstly (why say "firstly?"...not sure) this is NOT a forum representing free speech as it is controlled by the management, who are all adoreable and real smart (!)...secondly, ignorance is NOT bliss in most cases. I think life can be harder for idiots...thirdly, I'm way too elitist to give Polk speakers any attention (although I'm sure they make something that sounds fine), and I admit it because I want my fellow posters to know where I stand at all times so as not to post anything that upsets me.
Yikes! Entertaining thread... But for the wrong reasons. Don't like the site or the membership...Don't let the door hit you...

"A person posted a question regarding speakers.

He feels ignored and snubbed and voices his opinion.

Soon, his voice is noticed and other lash back. The person asking the question is miguided in many ways and should seek help elsewhere. Agon is aimed at "high end." While some others try to calm down the situation.

It started with a person asking for help with is speakers in an audio site.

We have been reduced to this."

I understand what you are saying, but I'm not sure if I agree. The question about the 2 Polks, I believe, is valid and belongs on this site. My personal feeling about high end is that its not so much about the price of equipment, as it is about trying to get the best possible sound from that equipment; at all price levels.

Where the OP goes wrong is that he's getting angry on the assumption that the people on this site don't want to take the time to answer his questions, for some very negative reasons. Its possible that no answer was given simply because no one on this site has had the experience of comparing the 2 speakers. What do you think he would say if we gave him some advice that didn't work out? Not only that, the whole thing about how Audiogon subscribers are somehow controlling the site is silly. I was a paid member a few years back. Unless something has changed, being a subscriber gives you access to certain things like equipment specs and average used prices. The OP makes it sound like being a subscriber gives you access to CIA intelligence

Anyway, thats just how I see it. I could be wrong.
Zd542 - you are not wrong...to have special access to Agon, you must pay the super subscriber fee and submit proof of ownership of at least four items from Stereofool's Class "A" gear :)

Crazy how this thread went sideways very fast and, judging by the number of responses, quickly compelling at the same time. I was drawn to this thread, like rubber necker in traffic.

Well, back to the music, dreaming about gear I cannot afford, and relaxing after a long day.