Polk Audio RT2000p or LSi 25's--- WHO CARES ???

It's absolutely amazing how my question previously asked could garner approximately 100 hits and each one of those hits were from signed up members who couldn't care less about helping me with my query.
If the moderators do publish this then they realize that there are a handful of their paid membership that do nothing but control this website to their liking. I will be unsubscribing if this is not published and if the members do get to see my opinion I'm sure their are many of us who feel the same way.
It's possible that no members have direct experience with the loudspeakers you mention, therefore no replies. Then again, it could be a conspiracy.
I doubt seriously if any of those 100 hits, me being one of them, has any personal experience with the specific differences between these two Polk speakers, so why make comments if you can’t talk intelligently? Have you tried any other forums, especially the one at Polk’s website?

After looking at both speakers, I would be very surprised if the LSi25 was not a much improved speaker over the RT2000p. Now this opinion is just from looking at the differences in technology between them.

I read a lot of threads, respond to a few, and don’t understand the control issue. Some are just more opinionated than others.
"If the moderators do publish this then they realize that there are a handful of their paid membership that do nothing but control this website to their liking."

Can you explain why that would be? I wasn't aware that the moderators read every single post. Also, how do the paid members control this website to their liking? I don't pay and everything I post always gets listed.
I knew that if they published my thread there would be more opinions on this issue than my original question. And undoubtably there already is proving my opinion correct. A big kudo to the moderators for realizing there is freedom of speech.
Many of your readers could think me rather foolish but the immediate responses prove my theory.
Either way thanks for your replies.
What do you mean "paid members?" No one is paying me, and I think you have a lot of nerve to complain. I know nothing of those speakers, and even if I did, this is a recreational site, and it is up to me to reply or not, as I choose. As far as I'm concerned, by all means, unsubscribe. No great loss.
"Many of your readers could think me rather foolish but the immediate responses prove my theory. "

It just proves that you are getting responses. The real issue is weather you are getting relevant, quality responses.
Thanks Roxy 54 . Do your homework . This website sells paid memberships that will entitle you to more information than you get unpaid.
As for me unsubscribing because of a hater like you .
Idont think so . But thanks anyway .
My suggestion since I myself have no experience with any of the Polk line of speakers. Why not just purchase both and seriously listen to both. Then make your own assessment. Polk speakers are usually sold way below manufactures retail. This way you rely own your ears and wait for no one. The best of luck with your find.
Hey chipmunk,
I am not one of those who pay, and you are the one who threatened to unsubscribe. You are a crybaby begging for attention.
03-17-13: 2012chipmunk57
Many of your readers could think me rather foolish but the immediate responses prove my theory.
Either way thanks for your replies.

Oh, so it's a reply that you want. Here's a reply: I don't care about either Polk speaker that you mention.
Hopefully that reply will make you happy.


You don't have to shout!!!

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
Meanwhile this thread should get back to my original dilemma .
Does anyone know the two speakers well and possibly provide an educated opinion.
Otherwise I fear this thread will be inundated with hate and ignorance.
"ignorance is bliss" you don't have to shout!!! ... Tls49

Sure he does...he's ignorant.
Tell me something ROXY54 how did you attach a "he" to my identity. You're eithere a psychic or psychotic . But thanks
Oh yeah roxy54 i forgot too. You're not only psychotic but a sexist pig as well. Take care
And furthermore Roxy54 before you spew more hatred on my thread why don't you read somone else's thread and take your ignorance somewhere else but I guess as long as I answer your spew you get the attention you want as most cyber bullies do. That's it isn't it . You're just another little cyber bully aren't you?
Such a dirty mouth for a female chipmunk! You must be one of those angry feminist ones. Alright, enough then, I'll leave you to your misery and your next big "cause".
And please, don't unsubscribe, you're actually pretty amusing.
Jesus Murphy I thought I could get away from cyber bullies on this sight but it just goes to show ya. They're everywhere with their hatred and too much time on their hands.
My apologies to all the readers I really didn't try to start a war but it's been like some crazy initiation just to speak freely without predjudice.
2012chipmunk57 -- looks like you've gotten what it seems you wanted . . . some attention.

And you've brought absolutely ZERO to the conversation. Good job.
I will try and help. I've had (and still do) some polks over the years but all vintage but you really need to give some more info in your question. Is it for HT or music for instance? The Lsi range is better for 2 channel but if you mainly use for HT then the Rt2000 would be fine.
The new Lsim range is even better but depends on your budget.

Fwiw I would ask the question on the Polk forum as you will get more help from people who are interested and have experence with Polks.

I generally find comming the heavy with others that don't respond to you gets you nowhere pretty fast.
It is sad to see this thread. Chipmunks, you are asking about a set of speakers that most on this site have probably not listened to, and those that stopped by your original post may have been looking for information to learn for themselves. I have looked on a lot of postings for just that reason without responding. I have owned Polk speakers but have no personal knowledge about the models you are inquiring about. There is a forum on the Polk Audio Site that would have a much higher probability to provide the insight you are seeking and I highly recommend you visit there. To criticize the members here because they were either unable or unwilling to respond to your initial posting is juvenile and very shortsighted. Why would would you want a reply if they did not actually have the information to help you.
Drrsutliff... Your critism is a welcome sound. If done with class and articulation any critic is welcome. I tried to do that but I guess even though what I thought was articulate some took personal offense.
Thank you for you input. Opinions such as yours are a valued and educated commodity.
I have to say that I have had a change of mind and heart.
Maybe I vented and there was a reaction but there have been some wonderful people leaving intelligent and witty feedback.
It will be a long time before I err my frustration again.
I'm only human but so are the other members.
Thank you
Ya know it's like people start to warm up and as soon as they do they want to be cold again. I don't get it.
Ya know it's like people start to warm up and as soon as they do they want to be cold again. I don't get it. "

You need to bear in mind there is a lag time beween writing a post and when it is posted. I also am not sure all posts get posted in their exact time of submission order.

If you look at the forums page there is a whole set of posts not responded to for the last 30 days. I have one or two in there.

Sometimes, even though it appears that your question should get answered, there may not be anyone with the specific knowledge or experience that can help you, and you get no response.

People that use this site are very helpful, and have provided me with suggestions that allowed me to significantly improve my system.

Best of luck with your system
"Btw hats off to Zd 542 I think he or she caught the drift of my thread.
Thank you."

Don't drag me into your delusion. It was you who didn't catch the drift of my last post.
Rok2id provided insightful experience with limited information from you. This limited information is what I understand M_snow might refer. You asked for opinions about speakers which I can almost guarantee nobody uses with the same equipment, nor in the same type room, nor with the same music/movies. If you follow anyone's recommendation based on complete informational darkness, I'd be willing to bet you'll be back here screaming about membership conspiracy giving you misinformation because they didn't meet your expectations. For the most part, this is a very helpful group, we also like to have a little fun. For some of us becoming part of a misguided argument (and, yes, I should've been banned for aspects of my participation in various threads) is entertaining. As some have said, there are many other threads with different membership having different audio/video priorities and experiences. I believe you'll ultimately get your answers, you just may have to look elsewhere to get it.
What i dont get is i tried to start helping you and asked you some questions and you chose to ignore it yourself. The same thing you are belting up everyone else for.
Asking about Polk's here is like going on a Ferrari site and asking about the performance of a Chevy Cobalt.

Most don't shop for their audio gear at Best Buy, so knowledge of Polk's is, at best, marginal. You come off as a real whiner - Boo Hoo, nobody wants to talk about my Polks.

Looks like you've trolled the site enough, time to move on, nothing to see here.
There really is a sharp line drawn on this site between the cyber bullies and people who really care enough to leave an honest open opinion.
Thank you Jperry.
Hey chip, I'm curious. You freely use the term 'cyber bully'. Do you equate anyone who isn't 100% supportive of whatever you propose as a 'cyber bully'? If anyone questions your motives or asks legitimate questions, does that qualify as a 'cyber bully'? You seem to continue to look at this thread (and maybe the world in general, I don't know) as very black and white. Why, and how does this perception help you in your quest?
I suggest you go to the Polk website and join. You could then ask the question on the Polk Forum and possibly talk to some individuals that have heard those speakers or own them.
It's very possible that no one that answers questions on this Audiogon Forum has seen or heard the Polk speakers you ask about.
I do not want to get involved with all the childish and foolish behavior bring exhibited on this thread ... But, I would like to mention that on of my favorite systems from way back during "the good old days" of audio was in my brother-in-law's apartment....... a magnificent sounding pair of Polk Monitor 7 speakers driven by a Tandberg receiver and a Garrard turntable. Ahhhhh ... beautiful music !
Thank you Adam but people instinctively know when they are being cyber bullies and they feed off the hurt they think they are inflicting.
No. You're right it is not black and white and I too need constructive criticism. It not in the way of sarcastic hurtful remarks or sexist ignorance.
I am signing off on this thread as there was only a couple of Real people who cared.
To them I tip my hat and wish well.
To the sarcastic haters I hope they too see the light.
I am also sure that after having said this there will still be sarcastic comments made. And on and on
The way of the world.
You came here for an argument.

You can whine all you want about cyber-bullying Chip, but your original post on this thread made it very clear that you wanted attention, regardless of direction. Like a two year old who throws themselves on the floor in a department store having a temper tantrum. It seems that you have received the attention that you so badly desired. So quit with the whining and bemoaning all the stones being hurled at you, for this is the attention that your masochistic mind so badly wanted. Enjoy it, reveal in it.
I care.

Most forums are nothing but opinions. You know what is said about opinions- everyone has one, just like that exit hole on your body.

That being said, I still listen to a pair of Polk Audio RTA-12s I bought brand new in 1980. They were made in the USA, they sound great, and there's nothing on this website that says its only for audio equipment that costs a certain dollar amount or above.

All the equipment I've bought was based on listening experience. The same for my music. I only buy vinyl/iTunes music that I listen to. I don't collect gear or vinyl- I listen to it. That's the only basis that determines where I spend my money. I've also got a Crown PL3 amp, 2 other Marantz amps and a Denon Receiver for the home theatre/gamer system.

My son is a musician, and my favorite format is live music. I've never heard a system which reproduces live music as life-like as actually being there, because music is art and with art you hear something different every time you listen to it. Sure, some mega-dollar systems come close, but then all you're really doing is getting into the reproduction gear and not the music itself.

These are my opinions, I'm a veteran and we still live in a free country that I served for the right of free speech, among others.
Jeez...it hasn't become a sad thread. To all those who need to console chip by stating' I care', it isn't necessary. We all care about chip getting his info. This site is about audio, not member 'FEELINGS'. Anybody complaining about members being mean to them have no interest in the content, it's all about context. Information becomes secondary to delivery. If anything is sad, it's the eggshells we have to walk on to help some folks.

Reading this thread for the first time. I have owned polks before and after owning higher-end speakers (thiel, B&W etc). Honesty the polks are not good. They have a noisy box that kills the sound stage and they lack dynamics. Dull is a word that comes to mind.

I would get out and demo. Bring your polks along and do a head to head. It should be a real ear opener.

I also agree that avsforum would be a better place for lower-end stuff.

Audiogon... "The high-end community"...
Polk with monster cable = pure acoustic art! This combination cannot be beat at any price; sorry Bose!
A person posted a question regarding speakers.

He feels ignored and snubbed and voices his opinion.

Soon, his voice is noticed and other lash back. The person asking the question is miguided in many ways and should seek help elsewhere. Agon is aimed at "high end." While some others try to calm down the situation.

It started with a person asking for help with is speakers in an audio site.

We have been reduced to this.
I'm a veteran too and fought for our right to free speech. But nowhere does it say "I demand that members of this site respond to my query." Many have told the author of this thread that there is a specific site that Polk owners frequent......please take your question there.
Actually, the second sentence should have read "Nowhere in our right to free speech does it give the author of this thread the right to demand a response from this site's members."